AJR Are Only Going Up From Here!

AJR Are Only Going Up From Here!

After weeks of teasing fans on their socials, the fun-loving guys of AJR have finally dropped ‘Bummerland’ on us, and it’s an absolute banger of a song. Major road-trip vibes accompany a cheerful beat that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. ‘Bummerland’ is accompanied by its equally playful music video which features bald caps, a giant inflatable flamingo, and shirtless Ryan.

It’s the perfect feel-good, end of summer anthem and you can enjoy all the fun right here:

There’s something so inspiring about listening to their message against that powerful drum beat, wouldn’t you say?

On the Creation of ‘Bummerland’

We wrote ‘Bummerland’ as an anthem for being down on your luck. There’s this weird moment when you hit rock bottom when you start to appreciate and celebrate any tiny win, and we thought that could be an interesting complement to a high-energy song. We thought, now more than ever, people could use a song like this.


Boy were they right. Their lyric “Bummerland, here I am” tells us to welcome the bad times with open arms, knowing that we’re “only going up from here.” How motivational is it to think of rock bottom as the starting point of some of the best times of your life? To know that whatever you’re going through, pandemic or otherwise, won’t last forever. To know that we’ll all be okay.

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Yeah, this song packs quite a positive punch and serves as a much-needed reminder to all of us that it gets better. It’s the little victories. We don’t know how our playlists survived without it.

How’d ‘Bummerland’ make you feel? Like you could take on the world? Let us know by tweeting @thehoneypop or visiting our Facebook page!

To learn more about AJR:

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