Are We “DayDreaming” or Are The Aces Having a Virtual Show?

Are We “DayDreaming” or Are The Aces Having a Virtual Show?

No, you’re not dreaming, so hold onto your laptop and be ready to jam out this Tuesday when The Aces grace the stage and our screens in their virtual concert! Playing not one, but two shows on September the 1st, the band gets to share the live version of the tracks off their newest album, Under My Influence.

Giving fans an intimate experience, and even the opportunity to buy meet and greet (that sold out twice in only a few hours), The Aces teamed up with the app, Looped to bring both shows to their fans’ very own home.

Playing at both 11 AM PST and 4 PM PST, and hosting meet and greet sessions on the 1st and 31st, the band is doing all they can to connect with fans during this period.

Virtual Meet and Greets sound like a thing of the future, but here we are! And thanks to apps like Looped, you can now connect with many of your favorite musicians and actors at the click of a button!

Fans are already hyped up for the performance and a chance to talk to the band, with many waited anxiously for the band to release more meet and greet tickets.

We can’t wait to see how this virtual show plays out as we all get used to this new normal for concerts, and we are so glad we finally get to hear Under My Influence live! Of course, it will never amount to a real show but we are ready to jam out to some live music!

Did you snag tickets to the upcoming show? What song are you excited to hear live? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Red Bull Records

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