Machine Gun Kelly Snags VMA For Best Alternative Video: 5 Reasons Why He Deserved Every Bit of It

He’s done it. He deserves it. Machine Gun Kelly has snagged the VMA for Best Alternative video with smash hit ‘Bloody Valentine’, and damnit is it justified. A fan vote, it’s obvious where MGK holds the most thanks, but there are plenty of other reasons that our CLE-Original enjoyed every deserving moment of that prized little Moon Man. While we could go on for ages, we broke it down to five reasons that Machine Gun Kelly deserved every single second of this award.

Best Alternative Video

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Bloody Valentine

His Perseverance

While life has continuously tried to break him, this man has never let the world sink him. With run-ins with other artists, break ups, the death of loved ones, and the struggles of mental health have come for him, his career, and overall well-being, none of it brought him down. Giving him motivation, he continued to put out hit after hit, turning his anger, sadness, and struggles into music that he loves, almost as much as the fans. Shouting out that he wished that his Aunt (a significant influence on his life, and unimaginable loss) and father were around to see the award – he was glad to have us, the fans, to share this one with.

His Collaborations

MGK has taken to collaborations to build up his flourishing careers. Working with all types of artists, including Little Mix, Camila Cabello, blackbear, YUNGBLUD, and of course, beau Megan Fox. We have to admit our favorite is with Travis Barker, considering we’re getting an entire album from that friendship. Plus, we can’t deny that we love looking at the pair. What? Can you blame us?

His Attitude

MGK’s attitude has always been one we vibe with easily. Because the man is down to earth, empathetic, and gives back to the community, it’s pretty easy for us to appreciate him. Full of smiles, humor, and downright positivity, MGK has done tons for fans and society alike. A lover of his hometown, he’s worked to be engaged in it always. Helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing his friends straight to the top with him, and an active voice in the BLM Movement. He just is a wholesome-ass-dude.

His Style

Listen here, like it or not, the man has style. Haters, they’re gonna hate, but MGK has done loads for the fashion industry. Unafraid to break norms, barriers, and rules of the average, Machine Gun Kelly has delivered some of our favorite looks this year alone. He’s always sporting an alternative type of style; he’s not only made us smile with his graciously good looks, but with his silly stunts. Yes, we’re talking about how he ate mushrooms, wore a dress, and the incident with the hospital gown.

Not only does MGK break grown in physical style but his musical style as well. C’mon, you know we had to talk about this one. This guy crosses genres so effortlessly is a huge reason he is so successful in his career. A rapper with raw talent, he has always used different genre styles in his music and by touring with a band. Now, he’s graced the alternative/pop-punk scene, and quite candidly, he’s killing it. The proof? It’s in the VMA. Fans have gone wild for it, and MGK is glowing. Nothing we love more than seeing the happiness and enjoyment evident in his face.

His Fans

A reason an artist becomes so successful is because of the fans. For MGK fans, it’s a different kind of love. Many of us have been around since the start, making this award so-much-sweeter. From 100 Words And RunningRage Pack, our first full-length Lace-Up, and everything in between, Machine Gun Kelly has always made sure that he did it for the fans. We’ve felt it every step of the way. Working hard to get him to the top, we have never given up hope that MGK would receive the recognition he so well deserved one day. The day? It’s finally here. While we have much higher to climb, this is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, and the one that he’s so desperately deserved. As for the new age fans, we respect you too because we need you here truthfully. Voting machines, fans new and old couldn’t let this one slip through.

We’re so undoubtedly proud of what Machine Gun Kelly as an artist has done for the industry, but most importantly for us. MGK has helped by getting us through the tough times, giving us hope, music to vibe to, laughter, and creating an unbreakable bond; we will continue to support our homie in whatever he decides to pursue next. No doubts that he’ll rock the shit out of it too.

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One hundred congratulations would not be enough to satisfy our happiness for our dude’s accomplishments, but one more time – MGK won a freaking VMA. He did that; we did that. EST 4 LIFE. Celebrate him by commenting down below or giving us a hit @thehoneypop

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