Mae Muller Dropped A Song Called ‘So Annoying’ And She’d Be Glad To Know We’re Not Annoyed At All

Mae Muller Dropped A Song Called ‘So Annoying’ And She’d Be Glad To Know We’re Not Annoyed At All

Do you know what’s ‘So Annoying’? Not getting new music from artists you love. Although we actually can’t relate, seeing as one of our new faves, Mae Muller, just dropped a new song! Yep, you guessed it, it’s called ‘So Annoying,’ but it’s the opposite of annoying. We’ve had it on repeat all day, but listen to it. You won’t wonder why we can’t get enough.

Seriously, listen to the song here!

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A Song About Falling In Love Without Wanting To

The song itself is so catchy, and if we weren’t playing it over and over, we’re sure it’d be stuck in our heads, but we’re not complaining at all, especially since the song is a total bop. It has a meaning to it that we can all relate to, realizing how annoying love can be, you love someone, and you want to be with them. Even when you’re upset with them, you come back. Even though you love someone, the whole process of being in love can be ‘So Annoying.’

‘So Annoying’ is a song about falling in love without wanting to. Usually people like the idea of falling in love, but to me it’s just scary and slightly inconvenient! When you love somebody you’re almost handing over that power; if you left, it would affect me! So to me, that always seemed daunting. I also wanted to write about the push and pull you sometimes can experience when you’re in love. Even though we fight and you aggravate the hell out of me, we will always run back to each other. How annoying!!!

Mae Muller

Now that you’ve got a little taste of what Mae can do, are you prepared for the music video for ‘So Annoying’? That’s right, there’s a video, too! Sorry, we kept it from you for so long, check it out below!

So, Honey Poppers, what do you think of Mae Muller? She has Liam Payne’s approval after appearing on his The LP Show Act 2. We happen to love Mae, she knows what she wants to say with her music and how to do it; and can we just add that we love an artist who lets their accent shine through? Mae is from London and we’re kinda obsessed with hearing her British accent in her music.

Let us know what you think of Mae Muller and her song ‘So Annoying’ by commenting below, or you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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