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KPOP HotSpot: The Comebacks of September 2020

KPOP HotSpot: The Comebacks of September 2020

We’re back! Welcome to KPOP HotSpot, where we give you the low-down on all the comebacks, debuts, and singles releasing each month! It’s hard to believe that it’s already September, and the comebacks keep on coming! Check out who will be releasing new music this month and are about to make September an exciting month in KPOP!


Image Source: Woollim Entertainment via Twitter

September for KPOP is starting right thanks to the ladies of Lovelyz! Their comeback is the first of the month, and with all the teasers they have provided us leading up to the comeback, let’s just say, wow! The lead track ‘Obliviate’ shows a dramatic concept that we are loving! Just as this mini-album title says, we’re sure that this comeback is going to be Unforgettable!

Comeback Date – 9/1

Image Source: Beat Interactive via Twitter

A.C.E showed us during their last comeback how ‘Savage’ they are, and now they’re about to show us why they are our ‘Favorite Boys!’ HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy will be releasing at the beginning of the month, and if you haven’t checked out A.C.E before, now is a perfect time. Their concept photos have been the talk of the KPOP world since their release, and if there is one thing A.C.E is known for, it is their iconic concepts. Get ready, cause A.C.E is about to go all out with this release! 

Comeback Date – 9/2

Image Source: Cube Entertainment via Twitter

First, how has it been a whole year since ‘Devil’? Second, yes, the queens are back! The girls released a colorful comeback poster featuring a psychedelic aircraft part, leaving us curious about what kind of concept it will be. It also reveals that the single is called ‘Helicopter’ and lands on the 2nd of September. Cheshires might be a little disappointed not to get a full album after such a long break, but we’re hoping this means more good things are ahead for CLC!

Comeback Date – 9/2

Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

We’ll be honest. Our E.L.F. hearts skipped a beat when we heard our favorite SuJu duo were bringing us a new mini-album. Donghae and Eunhyuk prove they’re still dangerous in retro concept photos and videos for the title track ‘B.A.D.’. It promises to bring the kind of old-meets-new vibe only Super Junior can pull off so seamlessly. Even better, you only have to wait until September 3rd to listen to the whole [BAD BLOOD] album.

Comeback Date – 9/3

Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

After months of leaving fans guessing, SM Entertainment’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with Taemin’s comeback is finally coming to an end. His 3rd full-length Korean album [Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1] is dropping on September 7th! With pre-release track ‘2 Kids’ already feeling like a classic, expectations are high for his lead song ‘Criminal.’ But we’re confident Lee Taemin will somehow manage to outdo himself once again.

Comeback Date – 9/7

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via YouTube

After the huge success of ‘God’s Menu,’ Stray Kids are back with the repackage of their first full-length album. From GO LIVE (GO生) we’re going into IN LIFE (IN生). For now, we only have a trailer (that already has 3M views on YouTube) and the first concept photos, but much more is to be expected as we wait for September 14th. Knowing how big their following has grown since their last comeback, this is expected to be a big one for them!

Comeback Date – 9/14

Image Source: fromis_9 via Twitter

“Come on girls, get off the floor.” After more than a year, we have been blessed with the news of a fromis_9 comeback! We might not know yet what kind of concept they’ll take on, but we do know they’ve already filmed a music video hoping for a September 14th release. While waiting to greet their fans again, the members have been working hard to show an evolved version of themselves, and it’s sure to be something special!

Comeback Date – 9/14

Image Source: VAV via Twitter

Get ready, VAMPZ, VAV is having a comeback! They officially have posted the comeback schedule for Made For Two after hinting at a comeback for quite some time! VAV’s comeback has been anticipated for a while, as it’s been almost a year since Poison (if you can believe it!). This comeback will be promoted by six members, as Baron will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on the 7th. We wish Baron nothing but the best, and we can’t wait for VAV’s new music! 

Comeback Date – 9/15

Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

Talk about going ‘100’, the ‘Avengers of KPOP’ are back and better than ever! SuperM will be releasing their 1st full-length album, Super One, at the end of the month, and we couldn’t be more excited! Their promotions for this comeback have already been insane; from two pre-released tracks/music videos to performances on shows like Good Morning America, we can’t wait to hear this album in full and see all that SuperM have prepared for us! 

Comeback Date – 9/25


Image Source: JPLANET Entertainment

Meet LUNARSOLAR, a four-piece KPOP girl group set to make their debut on September 2nd! Their debut album, SOLAR: Flare will lead with the track ‘Oh Ya Ya Ya,’ and from their teasers, we’re in for something exciting. The members, Eseo, Jian, Taeryoung, and Yuuri, look fierce and sound amazing, so we’ll be checking out their debut! 

Debut Date – 9/2

Image Source: Highline Entertainment via Twitter

The highly anticipated debut of former Monsta X member, Wonho, is finally happening. His first mini-album is titled Love Synonym (Part 1) – Right for Me, and we’ve already gotten some treats leading up to its release. His pre-release track, ‘Losing You,’ was a beautiful message for his fans and brought tears to our eyes. With beautiful concept photos and a powerful teaser for his title track, ‘Open Mind,’ Wonho’s solo debut is expected to be nothing less than amazing!

Debut Date – 9/4

Image Source: WM Entertainment via Twitter

YooA of OH MY GIRL is making her solo debut, and Miracles are thrilled! Bon Voyage is set to be released September 7th, and we’re grateful we won’t have to wait too long for her mini-album. Not only does she look stunning in her concept photos, but the opening trailer shows the concept for this debut is simply magical. YooA is pulling all the stops for her solo debut, and we’re happy to go along for the ride!

Debut Date – 9/7

Image Source: Play M Entertainment via Twitter

A single album release titled Bird, Apink’s Kim Namjoo will be making her solo debut! From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Namjoo is about to drop something extraordinary. Her concept photos are iconic (just like she is), and the deep beat we hear in the teaser for the single ‘Bird’ has us (and the rest of the KPOP world) wanting more!

Debut Date – 9/7

Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment via Twitter

We did not expect ASTRO to come back with a sub-unit, but we’re so excited about it! Moonbin and Sanha are releasing their first mini-album as a subunit, IN-OUT. This album will include the title track ‘Bad Idea,’ as well as four other songs. We’re so curious to see what these two come out with, especially after they first teased the subunit with the phrase, “Don’t be afraid, bad memories will fade out.” Something to look forward to!

See Also

Debut Date – 9/14

Japanese Comebacks

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment via Twitter

We finally have leading track ‘24’, off of SEVENTEEN’s upcoming Japanese comeback! The track right off the bat has a catchy beat, with an even catchier chorus. If you happened to love the artistry of the choreography and aesthetics from track ‘Fallin’ Flower,’ you will love this music video. Throughout it, you will see the group use their numbers to their advantage, as they form visuals of a clock. It’s all cool and a must-watch, and has us excited for what their 2nd Japanese album will bring!

Comeback Date – 9/9

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via Twitter

Before TWICE comes back with another iconic song like they always do, they’re giving us their third Japanese album, #TWICE3. They recently released the music video for the Japanese version of Fancy which will be included in the album along with the Japanese version of ‘The Best Thing I Ever Did,’ ‘Feel Special,’ ‘Stuck In My Head,’ ‘21:29’, and of course their latest comeback, ‘MORE&MORE.’ Unfortunately, the album won’t include new songs, but we’re still super excited to listen to the Japanese versions of these amazing songs. And who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us with another music video.

Comeback Date – 9/16

Image Source: CUBE Entertainment via Twitter

After four years since their debut, Pentagon is finally releasing their first full-length Japanese album, UNIVERSE: THE HISTORY. This is their first release after their comeback with ‘Dr. Bebe’ and first full album earlier this month, and since they were on Road To Kingdom. The album will include new Japanese versions of their Korean songs as well as Japanese tracks that were released before on Japanese mini-albums. It seems like this release will be a nostalgic one for sure, but it’ll get us ready for their next Korean comeback set for later this year.

Comeback Date – 9/23


Image Source: Jackson Wang via Twitter

After launching his clothing line with TEAM WANG and a successful comeback with GOT7, Jackson Wang will be releasing a track with Galantis! Jackson had been teasing new music to fans for quite some time, but fans were still surprised when news of the single, titled ‘Pretty Please,’ released! He always delivers when it comes to his music, and we know that the combination of Jackson and Galantis will be extraordinary! 

Release Date – 9/4


Image Source: Cre.Ker Entertainment via Twitter

The winners of Road To Kingdom have said that they will be having a comeback in September, but we are still waiting on the details! One thing is for sure, after how amazing Reveal was, we can’t wait for what their net comeback will bring! 

We cannot wait for all these amazing KPOP artists to release their new music! Is there someone’s comeback or debut you’re particularly excited about? Who will you be listening to? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @thehoneypop!

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Words: Rachel Collucci, Dalgi, Juu Luquin, Valerie Valdez

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