Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud Drop Their Banger ‘Obey’

Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud Drop Their Banger ‘Obey’

Northern Rock Gods Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD have teamed up on a brand new heavy rock anthem ‘Obey.’ If you’re a YUNGBLUD stan, but haven’t dipped into the rock scene, then strap in because Dom has gone full throttle alongside Oli Sykes and we’re LIVING for it!

When we found out that our boy YUNGBLUD was dropping a track with Bring Me The Horizon, we were all expecting a softer track. But the powerful and brilliantly angry banger we got instead has surpassed all of our wildest dreams. 

Having spent the majority of the year out in LA, once Sykes texted YUNGBLUD asking him to feature on the track, he flew straight back to the UK and the song was finished in a matter of days!

It’s a song that effortlessly captures the anger that has fuelled most of 2020. From Black Lives Matter protests to Climate Change Advocacy, it serves as a reminder to stand up for what you believe in. Even when it’s difficult. 

This year if it’s taught us anything, if you believe in something you have to stand up for it…and this song is all about that.

Oli Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon on BBC Radio 1

The collaboration is a story that’s been years in the making. Bring Me The Horizon first started making music when YUNGBLUD was only seven years old. Growing up, their music helped shape Dom not only as a person but helped form his musical roots that led to his career as YUNGBLUD. 

Over the past two years, both Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD have risen to the top of international charts. But the road to ‘Obey’ hasn’t been an easy one. Both Oli Sykes and Dom have faced their own personal struggles, most notably the way that quarantine had affected Dom’s ADHD.

I’d been cooped up in quarantine for like 6 months my ADHD was going mental so it was sick to let the demon out.


And boy did they let ‘the demon’ out in the music video. Just not in quite the way we might’ve expected. While the video isn’t full of blood and crowns like we anticipated, we do get weird jumbo robot fighting. Along with weird jumbo robot love, but we’ll let you decide how to feel about that one…

What do you think about the music video? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below or giving us a shout on Twitter on @thehoneypop



Featured Image Source: Bring Me The Horizon via Instagram

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