Here Are The Best Pop Culture Costumes For Couples This Halloween!

Here Are The Best Pop Culture Costumes For Couples This Halloween!

With spooky season just around the corner, you have to make sure you and your boo are costume ready! We, at The Honey POP, have got you covered with these couples costumes based on pop culture!

Robin and Steve from Stranger Things

Image Source: Netflix

This year has been pretty strange, why not make it stranger? Halloween as this dynamic duo sounds like a party! You can find Scoops Ahoy replica costumes on Amazon for under 50 bucks- a bargain for the level of iconic you’ll achieve!

Rue and Jules from Euphoria

Image Source: HBO

This couples costume guarantees a euphoric Halloween! For Rue, a simple red oversized hoodie with basketball shorts from any clothing store is perfect. Jules’ sweet style can be replicated with a skater skirt, graphic crop top and rollerskates. Don’t forget to add glitter!

Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Image Source: TV Insider

Even if you can’t be a party animal this year, you can still dress like one! Netflix had everyone obsessed with Tiger foes Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic. For Carol, an animal printed blouse alongside a flower crown works perfectly. For Joe, an animal print shirt, trucker hat and mullet is all you need!

Daisy and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby

Image Source: Netflix

Kick off the first Halloween of the next generation of roaring twenties as Daisy and Gatsby himself! This gives you a perfect excuse to get suited and booted with your boo. For Gatsby any suit, with an added handkerchief in the pocket and for Daisy, a flapper dress and headband.

Edward and Bella from Twilight

Image Source: Popsugar

With the recent release of Midnight Sun, fellow Twi-hards are living for this costume choice! All you need for Bella’s look is a simple shirt and jeans, whilst Edward wears a simple grey pullover and jeans. For an added nod to the series, don’t forget the vampire glitter and baseball bats!

Batman and The Joker

Image Source: John Regan

With Robert Pattinson’s Batman on the horizon, and Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar win for Joker, why not bring back these iconic characters?! You can find a Batman suit on Amazon and lots of variations of the iconic Joker suit, too!

We, at The Honey POP can’t wait to get our spook on with these amazing pop culture inspired couples costumes! Do you have any other costume ideas? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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