JP Saxe is Just ‘A Little Bit Yours’

JP Saxe is Just ‘A Little Bit Yours’

Critically acclaimed and rising singer-songwriter JP Saxe is back with a new song ‘A Little Bit Yours.’

The new song was released today with a new music video due out on September 10th. This panio heavy song will be pulling at your heart-strings from first listen. The track was co-written with and produced by Ryan Marrone and Benjamin Rice. The song can be listened to below and saved here.

This track follows his previous track ‘If The World Was Ending’ ft. Julia Michaels. JP Saxe’s new song ‘A Little Bit Yours’ follows his performance with Julia Michaels on the VMA’s.

JP’s current single ‘If The World Was Ending’ continues to reach new heights 11 months following its release. The song is approaching its 22nd week on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, has over 800 million streams, over 100 million video views, and we are loving the new tune ‘A Little Bit Yours’ more than anything.

The song is the feeling right before the end of the tunnel, right before life got a different kind of beautiful than I ever could have anticipated. I learned a lot about myself writing it, both musically and emotionally. I’d never really sung like this before, which was scary. Lyrical vulnerability I’ve gotten used to, but vocal vulnerability is new. If I could only ever play you one more new song, this is the one I would pick.

JP Saxe

We here at The Honey Pop are completely in love with this song already. It might not be an upbeat and happy song, but it is just that song that puts us in our feels. Sometimes you just need that go-to emotional song, and that is exactly what this one is.

We want to hear from you! How are you feeling about this song? Is it a must-add to your playlist? Tell us your opinions by tweeting us @thehoneypop.


Featured image source courtesy: Nirav Patel @niravphotography

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