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New The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Emergency! EP Incoming

New The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Emergency! EP Incoming

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have a new EP, The Emergency, and it’s already out now, August 28th was the release date! Topics on deck are some hot button issues, but how could we expect any less from our guys?

In this era of augmented reality and ‘deep fake’ secrets – we find ourselves more and more asking the question: Is This The Real World? It can be hard to know what is real and what isn’t nowadays. It’s important to question what we see, especially things posted online – before we rush to judgment. Making sure that the information presented to us is correct and that we aren’t being manipulated for a more nefarious purpose is of utmost importance. Things are being twisted into untruths. We are constantly fed fear, racism and bigotry – which are meant to divide. Division keeps us apart – I want to unite everybody because we can actually do that.

Ron Winter

Who could forget the throwback classics of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? They’ve always been on brand and knew what they were aiming for. In celebration, let’s shine a light on some oldies before we get into the goodies.

Kickin’ It Back

Need we say more? The song speaks for itself. Domestic violence, especially during this pandemic, numbers have skyrocketed. This is an issue we’re still facing many years after this song first came out. It is a fight we are still fighting. This draws back the curtain on the issues while also giving us a heartwarming rock song to jam to. We don’t want to see someone we love suffer, and we sometimes see more than we say. Speak up if possible.

This is one gorgeous rock ballad if we ever heard one. If you didn’t spend your pre-teen and/or teenage years crying to this song a time or two, you truly haven’t lived. About a year ago, this new lyric video came out. A tragedy occurred that sparked a movement. This is the message left in the description below the video:

This lyric video will stand as a living memorial for those we have lost along the way. If you know someone who has passed and this song was special to them feel free to leave their story in the comment thread or a simple name and date of passing to have them remembered and thought of by all…

The Red Sumpsuit Apparatus

The Emergency EP

It’s no secret that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have been heavy on advocating for a better life in the general sense. If voices are going unheard, these guys have a megaphone waiting. They’ve participated in countless organizations and songs promoting the unseen to be seen. Our first singles from the album were ‘Brace Yourself’ and ‘A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Called LA,’ and the latter embraces the uncertainties of falling in love until the last minute. The glances and the adoration of a smart girl. It’s so wholesome, don’t you think?

Then ‘Brace Yourself.’ If you think it’s about the pandemic… you aren’t wrong. We’re living in a world stuck on “break the glass in case of emergency.” The only way to beat this is if we open our hearts. Care and compassion for others are pretty rock n’ roll concepts, in our opinion.

We still have four untouched songs, dare to dive in? The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is one band we can wholeheartedly say it is worth the stan, and you should be a hardcore fan. They’ve been on a one-way track to a resurgence with their socials hitting numbers. Whether you loved them then, or you love them now, we can all agree this is the band to see, and right here listening to this EP is the place to be.

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Hey, guys, that’s not enough. If you were with me on ‘Face Down’, I need you with me on these new songs. Since the beginning of this band, we’ve encouraged people into action for good.


What do you think of these new songs? Have you bought the EP yet? Have a favorite? Are you proud to stan The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below or tweet us @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook!

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