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BTS Continue On The Road To World Domination With Hyundai

BTS Continue On The Road To World Domination With Hyundai

Did we ever think we would be getting a BTS song in a Hyundai commercial? No, but we are far from surprised and far from disappointed.

We’re On It!

New track ‘IONIQ: I’m On It,’ coming right on the heels of the release of chart-topping ‘Dynamite,’ is an excellent surprise for all ARMY. In BTS fashion, the track is really good! Even if it’s just being made for a car commercial, it is overall a really good track, with its obviously amazing vocals. Also, the music video is so pretty! The colors of the background mix so well with the colors of the props and the colors the guys are wearing.

Image Source: Courtesy of Hyundai

Come on, look at this, and tell us that it isn’t beautiful! Also, each scene that the guys are in represent something different. It represents each of these things: Newness V, Adventure and Challenge Jung Kook, Inner-self RM, Hope and Encouragement SUGA, Emotion Jimin, Creativity and Inspiration J-Hope, and Effort Jin.


So, the reason that this is also getting hype, is this car model was designed to create less waste than cars usually do. It is also an electronic car, meaning no more wasteful gas. Less pollution, equals a better sustainable future.

“Through IONIQ, a new EV line up brand, Hyundai and BTS commit to creating a sustainable future together. With IONIQ, we offer you not just an electric car, but progress of electrified experience.”

Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor Company

Along with the release of the track and music video, Hyundai is also introducing a giveaway for limited-edition merchandise, including a cassette-designed mp3 containing the song and BTS members’ individual messages to fans. How cool is that?!

Image Source: Courtesy of Hyundai

BTS just continue to take over our lives and every industry they step into and we can’t wait to see who they will collab with next.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Hyundai

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