Featured X Has Launched With Some Impressive Numbers

Featured X Has Launched With Some Impressive Numbers

Featured X launched in July of 2020, and there are already over 150 musicians on the platform. Up-and-coming artists can use this platform to work with well-known vocalists from the metalcore genre, such as the Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens and Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills. Yeah, we’re screaming inside.

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But if metalcore isn’t your thing, no need to worry, the platform has already branched out to include artists from different genres including Pop and Rap.

Rapper Lil Lotus of If I Die First
Image Source: The Noise

The platform’s goal is to not only let creative fans, who are aspiring artists, to work with their favorite vocalists, which is every fan’s dream but to provide the artist with an environment of collaboration that may have never been possible. These collaborations will not only benefit both artists but the industry as a whole.

Featured X will be streamlining a part of the industry that has never been effectively utilized. We’re creating a transparent environment for all levels of artists to collaborate on a level never seen, and we’re going to help artists monetize themselves in more creative and efficient ways.

 The CEO and co-founder of Featured X, Jeff Menig 

This seriously could be a start to something truly amazing. We are so excited to see this platform take off and help others in achieving their dreams of working with their faves! Are you going to jump in on this epic opportunity? Need a sign? Well, this is it!

What do you think of this new platform? Comment down below or tweet us your thoughts @thehoneypop! Need another refreshing read? Try this out.


Featured Image Source: Featured X Facebook Page

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