Loren Gray Brings Out All Her Confidence In Her ‘Alone’ Music Video

Loren Gray Brings Out All Her Confidence In Her ‘Alone’ Music Video

LOREN GRAY! We should all be excited about this, so pardon our screaming. Okay okay, you want to know what’s up? We’ll tell you. Loren Gray just dropped her music video for her song ‘Alone.’ Are you excited?! Yes, we know it wasn’t a huge secret seeing she has herself a lovely fan base across her social media’s so you probably know about the video by now, but if you don’t? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Okay, first off, you should check out the video. Take it in, think about it, and then come back to us plz so we can fan about it together? Yeah, let’s do that. Watch the music video below!

AHHHHH! That video.

The video shows Loren ‘Alone’ in her room, feeling confident and sexy. In a few of the shots, she even wore a necklace that had ‘Alone’ written out in big letters on it! Not going to lie, we want that necklace. Even more, we want some of the energy Loren has in that stunning video.

We could write a whole essay on what we think (and love!) about the video, but how about we find out what Loren herself thinks of it?

‘Alone’ is my favorite music video I’ve ever made. I went into it knowing I wanted to tell the story of ‘Alone’ with some stunning choreography and looks, and I think we made that magic happen. I hope my fans (my angels) love it as much I loved making it.

Loren Gray

Believe us, Loren, the ‘Alone’ music video is our favorite music video of yours, too. How could it not be? Especially considering how much she loved it herself. It shows a more grown and mature vibe for her, and we’re so here for it.

Now, haha, you’ve heard enough from us. What do you think of Loren Gray and her music video for ‘Alone’? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! Or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more Loren Gray? We gotchu.

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Featured image source: Amos Haley

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