‘The Show Must Go On’ Queen + Adam Lambert

‘The Show Must Go On’ Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen + Adam Lambert release ‘The Show Must Go On’ from upcoming Live CD+DVD Live Around The World, to release October 2nd, 2020.

Live Song and Performance

You can watch the live video of ‘The Show Must Go On’ below, or save the song on your favorite streaming sites here.

‘The Show Must Go On’ was the 12th and final track of Queen’s last album with Freddie Mercury. Freddie was already in the final stages of his battle against AIDS when the song was completed.

‘The Show Must Go On’ In The Making!

Brian May has spoken about how the band never really talked about Freddie’s illness- as he just wanted to ‘get on with business as usual.’ Brian had been working on ‘The Show Must Go On’ and was unsure if the title was too obvious, but Freddie heard it and loved it, he just wanted to work on it.

The song, of course, brought on more sadness once Freddie had passed. His battle with AIDS prevented Freddie from ever getting to perform the song live, but the song did make it to the live stage on April 23rd, 1992 at London’s Wembley Stadium. Elton John sang lead vocal, and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath was on guitar.

‘The Show Must Go On’ is a song with a very deeply resonating message. I think we all have moments in life where we feel the odds are against us and the climb is a steep one. I always sense a great cathartic release throughout the audience during this song. I think we all recognize that it was a big statement for Freddie at that point in his journey as well: He was fighting for his life.

-Adam Lambert

‘The Show Must Go On’ In Today’s World

The new emotional Live Around The World take reveals ‘The Show Must Go On’ is now very much a contemporary highlight of the Queen + Adam Lambert experience. The song was created as a tribute to Freddie’s lust for life even when his health was failing, but in the world today, the song feels like the perfect anthem for our times–perhaps now more than ever.

We here at The Honey Pop love ‘The Show Must Go On’ and the meaning behind the song. We think that Queen + Adam Lambert did an amazing job with the live version of the song. What did you think? Are you going to get your hands on Live Around The World? We want to hear what you think! Tweet us @thehoneypop or find us over on Facebook. Or check out more articles like this.

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Featured image source courtesy: queenonline.com

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