Happy Get Serious With ‘Liarliar’ & We’re Hooked!

Happy Get Serious With ‘Liarliar’ & We’re Hooked!

Every so often, you discover a band that grabs your attention, and overnight, you’re stanning so hard and checking out their entire discography. For us, Happy is one of those bands!

‘Liarliar’ itself packs such an emotionally captivating punch that anyone who has dealt with mental health struggles will undoubtedly find it relatable. When the spicy vocals are layered over the top of the powerfully enticing instrumental, it creates a relatable bop that we already know will go off live!

So, can concerts return already, please?! We’re in serious withdrawal. And with tracks like this, it’s safe to say Happy will be one of the bands that are on the top of our list!

This track is the third song of their upcoming album Imposter Syndrome, which is set for release on October 30th via Rude Records. The track follows ‘A Cure For Wellness’ and ‘Sick Is The New Sane.’

Speaking about the upcoming album, vocalist and guitarist Tate Logan says, “Each song on our new record Imposter Syndrome is a reflection of our experience with it, as musicians over the last few years. This includes some of the greatest moments of our entire lives, while others reflect the struggle and extreme lows. ‘Liarliar’ is the most honest and straightforward depiction of my experience with depression. We chose to express this visually by breaking the fourth wall between us and our fans. This video is a representation of a therapy session, which is something I was once extremely familiar with that ultimately saved my life.”

You can pre-order/pre-save Imposter Syndrome here!

So, are you digging Happy as much as we are? Are you excited for the album? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy Of Rude Records

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