Finneas Has Us Crying To ‘What They’ll Say About Us’

Finneas Has Us Crying To ‘What They’ll Say About Us’

Some songs just hit deep, and you feel them to your core. Finneas has a way of doing that, whether it’s with his songs or when he writes for his sister Billie Eilish. In this case, it’s with his song, ‘What They’ll Say About Us.

The music video for this song is so simple, but emotional just the same. Just the camera and Finneas as the world spins around them, and Finneas just looks straight into the camera while singing his heart out. Eventually, rain starts to pour and gets him and his suit a bit soaked, and it ends with the lights going out while he’s still covered in water.

Written during lockdown after experiencing Black Lives Matter protests and thinking about all the people and their families, the ‘What They’ll Say About Us’ has truth to it. We can all feel something while listening to it.

I wrote this song in June after spending the day at a protest in Downtown LA, filled with hope with the prospect that millions of people were coming together from all over the world to fight against institutionalized racism and inequality. During that time, I’d also been following Amanda Kloots as she documented her husband Nick Cordero’s time in the ICU while in a coma after being admitted for COVID-19. Imagining her sitting by his side, waiting, hopeful for him to wake up, it got me thinking about all the millions of people, all over the world, who also have loved ones, parents, children and extended family members going through the same thing. Fighting this horrific virus. Some will over-come and wake up again, while others, tragically may not. This song is dedicated to all who have had to endure this year. I hope this song can offer some sort of comfort to those who may need it.


The song is heavy but hopeful. And Finneas, it’s doing its job and bringing us comfort while we need it. Also, Finneas, if you’re wondering what we’ll say about ‘What They’ll Say About Us,’ it’s that it’s a song filled with strength, pain, and hope all at the same time. The song makes us feel many emotions at once, and that’s beautiful.

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