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Songs From The Big Green Barn Virtual Performance

Songs From The Big Green Barn Virtual Performance

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Songs From The Big Green Barn is coming to us by Sheryl Crow. She has been nailing remakes and socially distanced music videos, and now, we get a live virtual performance! It seems to be the trend lately, we’re not complaining though. We want to get as close to the gloriously normal concert vibe as we can, and Sheryl is gonna show us a thing or two, and while you’re here… limited merch is available.


So when is it you might ask? Good question! Two, count two days of concerts. Not only that, but they’ll be unique each day. Each will take place at Sheryl Crow’s “Big Green Barn.” First, we have September 18th, which will be “Outside” themed and feature some of Sheryl’s touring band. The set will be electrifying, and you won’t want to miss it! 9 PM ET sharp!

The second performance will take place on September 19th, and this one is what we’re looking forward to. High energy takes the cake but man, a nice stripped-down acoustic? Our souls are singing. This performance, too, will feature members of Sheryl’s touring band. This one will be at a more convenient time if you’re outside the US, 1 PM ET.

Both performances will have varied song selection to include classic hits, fan favorites, and deep tracks. Crow has also asked fans to submit song requests on her social media accounts, which will influence the setlists. Also, both shows can be watched from anywhere during the initial broadcast, and on-demand for two weeks afterward for all ticket purchasers.

Tickets will be USD 19.99. Plus, there’s a bundle package if you want to see both days, which will be USD 34.99!

I’m really excited to bring fans inside the Big Green Barn for this pair of shows, they’re going to be special. Obviously with COVID, we haven’t been able to tour this year. We put a lot of thought into how to make these shows unique, and to reach people around the world in countries that we haven’t played for in a long time, perhaps ever.

Sheryl Crow

What is The Big Green Barn?

We know some of you might be curious. Honestly, we were too, but it turns out that Sheryl has something of an instrument shed. Or we guess you could say instrument barn. Described as a “creative space filled with musical instruments, recording equipment, and American folk antiques.” We’re excited to see what this barn, and most importantly Sheryl Crow, has in store for us!

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Are you excited to see Songs From The Big Green Barn? What’s your favorite Sheryl Crow moment of 2020? What song do you hope might get played? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image source courtesy of Sheryl Crow Official and Debi Del Grande

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