Wonho is Back With Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me !

Wonho is Back With  Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me !

Can we just take a minute to remind ourselves Wonho is back? Because Wonho is back! After months of waiting, wondering, and tears (so many tears), Wonho has finally made his solo debut with Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me. His first mini-album consists of eight gorgeous tracks and zero skips. We’ve missed Wonho’s unique colours, and he made sure to include every single one. This isn’t too much of a surprise given he composed, arranged, and wrote lyrics for a number of the tracks himself. But we’re still living for it!

The album kicks off with lead track ‘Open Mind’ which literally takes us from zero to one hundred. Wonho’s raspy vocals are a perfect fit for the funky synth-pop beat which already has us hooked. While the lyrics are pretty suggestive Wonho delivers them with a mischievous sparkle that makes us feel like he’s secretly saying anything’s possible. As for that music video, it is so good to see Wonho completely unfiltered and 100% true to himself. The choreography is both powerful and sensual, capturing both sides of his onstage persona perfectly.

Intent on taking us on an emotional roller-coaster, this high-energy dance track is followed by super soft ballad ‘I Just’. The melancholic lyrics are a lament about the passing of time. But the vocals are so soothing they bring an immediate sense of comfort. For us, this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful tracks on the album. This theme flows into ‘Lost In Paradise’ which adds an upbeat tropical sound and takes a more optimistic outlook. It tells us it’s ok to be a little lost as long as you’re beside someone you love.

And if there’s someone Wonho loves for sure it’s his fans, Wenee. So much in fact that he wrote pre-release track ‘Losing You’ especially for them. The album features both an English and Korean version because he wanted fans around the world to understand the lyrics. It’s a raw and heartbreaking song about his own experiences and he delivers it with absolute sincerity in both languages. As if that wasn’t enough to show his devotion, he also delivers a rendition of ‘Open Mind’ in flawless English.

Giving us another 180°, ‘Interlude: Runway’ is a dramatic instrumental that’s perfect for a dance break or remix. Wonho was inspired by runway models and wanted to create a record that would reflect their professionalism. We would strut anywhere to that beat so we’d say he succeeded!

Finally, ‘WITH YOU’ adds the finishing touch to an album that has it all. It’s reminiscent of the kind of music we’ve heard from Wonho before but he makes this song entirely his own. With its sultry vocals and smooth, addictive beat we have a feeling this song will never stop getting better. Just like Wonho himself.

If you haven’t heard the album yet you can preview it below. If you’re already sold, Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me is available on Apple Music, Melon, Spotify, and Tidal!

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Already got Love Synonym (#1) Right For Me on repeat? Need some Wonho content to read while you stream? Say no more!


Featured Image Source: Highline Entertainment via Twitter

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