CNCO Took Home Their First VMA and Performs Beso

CNCO Took Home Their First VMA and Performs Beso

In these rough times, artists are trying to maintain their status as the powerhouses they are. CNCO proves to us that, even in these rough times, their success isn’t going anywhere. Within the last week, CNCO broke their record, but also took home their first VMA for “Best Quarantine Performance”. Dubbed the Latino One Direction by Rolling Stone, CNCO breaks records while managing to reinforce positive representation for Latinos in the music industry.

CNCO Took Home First Ever VMA and Performs Beso
Image Source: CNCO via CNCO Twitter

On the 28th of August, CNCO dropped ‘Beso’ as a surprise single release for their fans. That following Sunday, at the VMAs, CNCo performed the song for the first time that wowed viewers. It was truly a showstopping performance that had us in awe at their captivating stage performance. It was even more amazing that they were able to perform this in front of a live audience of fans at a special drive-in location which was sponsored by Toyota. We HAVE to give a huge round of applause and love that the boys and their team thought about the safety of the fans first. 

CNCO’s success as an artist should not be limited to what you might see on social media. CNCO is bigger than you think! Since the release of ‘Beso’ on the 28th of August, the song received over 3 million cumulative streams and landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in the US and 14 other territories. It also went straight the #1 on Apple Music’s Latin Song Chart and trended #6 worldwide on YouTube with the audio-video. 

We can’t wait to see more of the Latino flavor that CNCO gives us with their music. We’re hoping that there’ll be an album soon or another single because we can’t get enough. Until then, we’ll be blasting ‘Beso’ out of our speakers! We want to give a big congratulations to the guys for their hit new single and their first-ever VMA!

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Featured Image Source: CNCO via CNCO Twitter

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6 months ago

I like everything about CNCO, i can’t help it but listen to them everyday! Christopher Velez is my favorite member, because of his voice, dance moves, and well, TODO!!!!

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