‘OMG What’s Happening?’ Ava Max Just Dropped A New Song, That’s What’s Happening

‘OMG What’s Happening?’ Ava Max Just Dropped A New Song, That’s What’s Happening

Have you heard the news? Ava Max is here with the latest single from her upcoming album Heaven & Hell! The song is called ‘OMG What’s Happening,’ and it. is. a. bop. Seriously, it’s catchy and her voice is flawless throughout the track. What’s not to love?

Listen to ‘OMG What’s Happening’ here! Or you can watch the lyric video below!

Heaven & Hell

Ava’s debut album Heaven & Hell is out September 18, are you as excited as we are? Probably not, considering our level of excitement is through the roof. The album has two sides, and as you can guess, they’re Heaven and Hell.

Side A – Heaven:

  1. H.E.A.V.E.N
  2. Kings & Queens
  3. Naked
  4. Tattoo
  5. OMG What’s Happening
  6. Call Me Tonight
  7. Born to the Night
  8. Torn

    Side B – Hell:
  9. Take You To Hell
  10. Who’s Laughing Now
  11. Belladonna
  12. Rumors
  13. So Am I
  14. Salt
  15. Sweet But Psycho
Image source: Heaven & Hell Cover Art

You can pre-order Ava Max’s debut album Heaven & Hell here!

Just imagine how good the songs will be. After her hit song ‘Sweet But Psycho’ was streamed over 2 billion times even before 2020, we know she can do amazing things with her music. Not only does she have that hit, but some of her other songs have hundreds of thousands of streams, too. All those streams and she still hasn’t dropped an album yet, her POWER!

With 15 songs, we don’t even know which one we’re most excited about. Do you? Or can you pick a side, Heaven, or Hell? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @thehoneypop, or by finding us on Instagram or Facebook!

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To Learn More About Ava Max:

Featured image source: Charlotte Rutherford

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