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‘Farther We Go’ Revitalizing Our Childhood Innocence

‘Farther We Go’ Revitalizing Our Childhood Innocence

Walk Off The Earth has given us the gift of a ‘Farther We Go’ music video! The lyric video was super cute, and we adored every second of it and the song. Now we get to experience the song all over again and in a brand new way. This opportunity doesn’t happen often for the same song so let’s delve headfirst into the wonder.

‘Farther We Go’

“‘Farther We Go’ embraces the magical memories and the innocence of childhood, and encompasses the challenges of being a grown up. Life is indeed full of challenges and setbacks, but the importance of remaining hopeful and positive through moments of great difficulty is what shapes us as human beings. We really wanted to emphasize this especially in the current state of the world. It’s the silver lining that allows us to continue to learn and grow, and it’s what brings us together. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come as humans, and how far we still have to go. Let’s use it as motivation to continue bettering ourselves and those around us. We’re getting smarter, the farther and farther we go.

Walk Off The Earth

We’re not crying; you’re crying. This is the beauty of a music video. The heart and soul are all there bared out for the world to see. It starts as simple, pay-it-forward moments that turn into a much larger impact. The person you loaned a couple of bucks to, or the person you gave a leg up in the world, could be going through their make or breakpoint. It is overall about helping a person who helps others despite their history. Help those in need even when it doesn’t benefit you. Pay it forward.

Walk Off The Earth continues to be a shining beacon in the darkness. We are overjoyed to have the honor of covering this music video after a long weekend. Taking care of yourself is a lot like taking care of others. To build a better world, and a better society, we have to be mindful of the small things: every day, easily brushed off things. Those are the linchpin, or the things that matter. Have you paid it forward today?

Did you love that tear-jerker? How far will you go? What’s your favorite Walk Off The Earth song or cover song? Tell us any and all things in the comments below, or reach out to us on Twitter @thehoneypop or Facebook and Instagram. We love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about Walk Off The Earth’s last album, click here! Click here if you want to buy their latest album HERE WE GO!

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