Fame On Fire Find Their Voice In Debut Album, Levels

Fame On Fire Find Their Voice In Debut Album, Levels

Don’t call them a cover band! That’s what Fame On Fire wants to set straight. To prove that, they’ve come out with their debut album called Levels. We’re so here for it!  

Interested? Well lucky you, Levels is out now! Snag a copy here.   

Now, if you’ve heard of the band or stumbled across any of their videos during your YouTube binge, you’ve seen their covers from a variety of artists like The Weeknd, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, and Halsey. Awesome covers, we’d like to add!


Image source: Hopeless Records

The band, made up of Bryan Kuznitz (vocals), Blake Saul (guitarist), Paul Spirou (bass), and Alex Roman (drums), really finds their own voice with Levels. The thirteen-track album interweaves genres of hip hop, rock, and other heavy music and is totally self-produced. We won’t spoil the details, but the single ‘Her Eyes,’ landed the band their first number one song on Sirius XM Octane! It is just an example of their hard work to craft this album!

As the name suggests, the album explores the various levels that life offers (the ups and downs.) It also incorporates themes of anguish, loss, and toxic relationships, and finding the flicker of hope to persist.

Levels Track Listing:

1. ‘Cover Band (intro)’
2. ‘Her Eyes’
3. ‘Not Dead Yet’
4. ‘I’m Fine’
6. ‘Crazy For Your Crazy’
7. ‘Show You’
8. ‘It’s Okay’
9. ‘Now and Forever (ft. Trevor Wentworth)’
10. ‘So Sad’
11. ‘Down’
12. ‘S.O.S.’
13. ‘Scars of Love’

Finally, like many other bands have done, Fame On Fire uses their music to reach out to their fans. Levels also establish the commonality between bands and fans through the joining force that is music.

Our band exists because all of us grew up together and we each found our own ways to music, which is living and breathing inside of us.

Blake Saul

What’s your favorite song off Levels? What did you think of their debut album? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @thehoneypop or commenting below! Be sure to follow us for the sweetest pop culture news!

Still on the hunt for more tunes? Look here.


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