Once Upon A Snowman Coming to Disney+

Once Upon A Snowman Coming to Disney+

Olaf our favorite snowman from Frozen is coming back to our screens in Once Upon A Snowman. This all-new short is exclusively coming to Disney+ on October 23!

Once Upon A Snowman Poster
Image Courtesy of Disney+

Have you ever wondered what happened to Olaf between the time Elsa created him and when Anna and Kristoff first meet him in the forest? Well, Once Upon A Snowman is going to give you all those details!

“This is an idea that started to form when I was an animator on the first Frozen, Dan Abraham and I are so grateful and excited to have had the opportunity to direct this short, working with our incredible colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios.”

-Trent Correy

We are so excited to finally get more details on our favorite snowman. Olaf is such an innocent, insightful, and summer-loving character and we can’t wait to learn more about him. The short film will follow Olaf and his first steps of coming to life and his search for his identity in the snowy mountains, that are right outside of Arendelle.

We here at The Honey Pop, love ALL things Frozen related! This short coming to Disney+ has us all buzzing! We have loved watching Anna and Elsa’s journey for two full movies. But now we are super excited to learn more about this loveable snowman!

So, are you as excited us to see Once Upon A Snowman? Let us know what you think! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image source courtesy of Disney+.

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