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The Aces Leave Us Wanting More After Their Virtual Show

The Aces Leave Us Wanting More After Their Virtual Show


Bringing a little joy into fans’ lives this past week, The Aces found a way to do virtual shows and a virtual meet and greet to connect with their Ace Faces! And although it doesn’t add up to an in-person concert, hearing Under My Influence live sweetened up our week!

Playing two live shows on Tuesday, September 1st, The Aces started September with a bang.

The band brought lots of energy to everyone’s screens as they played their sophomore album, Under My Influence, with an exclusive interview following each performance. After the second show, they even played a game with host, Shannon Beveridge.

This was all done thanks to the upcoming app Looped Live, which gives fans access to their favorite artists and performers– a connection that most would love to have with their favs and something The Aces continue to nurture with their Ace Faces. The band even released more meet and greets after selling out the first round, and we thankfully got a chance to talk to them because of it!

And we used our one on one time with The Aces to get an exclusive answer just for you! Now, if you’ve been following The Aces for a bit, or have even listened to some of their earlier tracks, you can tell the band has grown like most artists do as they grow themselves. But what exactly makes an Aces song, distinctively them?

We always try to bring a certain energy and attitude to a song [and] at this point we feel very comfortable that we know if something is Aces or not, it’s not just reliant on a specific guitar tone or bass line, the attitude ties it all together.”

– Alisa Ramirez, Drummer

Cristal Ramirez added onto that by saying how their style, quality, and ultimately their voice is what makes it theirs.

Our voice, I think as long as that’s on the track it will sound like The Aces!”

– Cristal Ramirez, Lead Vocals & Guitarist

Giving their fans, even more, to look forward to after the virtual shows, The Aces recently announced that fans in the EU and the UK get a taste of that unique Aces sound when they embark on their Under My Influence Tour during Spring 2021!

Ahhh, a time of concerts will soon be upon us again, we can almost taste their sweetness! But until then, stream The Aces sophomore album Under My Influence, and manifest a US leg of the tour with us; our fingers are crossed.

Did you catch one of The Aces live shows, or even scored one of their meet-and-greets? Are you going to their tour next year? Let us know your experience, or tell us what show you’re planning on going to in the comments below or @thehoneypop on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: The Aces via Instagram

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