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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Blackbear

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Blackbear


‘If i (we) were u,’ we would check out Blackbear, if you haven’t already! Matthew Tyler Musto, better known as Blackbear, is an artist who’s been on our radar for a long time, and it’s about the time you should put him on your radar as well!

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He’s not wasting any time, this legend has released five studio albums, six EPs, one mixtape and two collaborative albums, and he keeps releasing new songs all the time!! You probably had heard his most popular songs like ‘idfc’ or ‘do re mi.’ Maybe you recognize also ‘hot girl bummer,’ which was a hit last summer! If you do, and you loved this track as much as we did, then we have great news! Blackbear released a whole new album couple of weeks ago, called everything means nothing which includes NO SKIPS and many BOPS.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stan Blackbear!

His Sense Of Humor Is Astronomical.

During many interviews he showed us that he is more than funny. Have you heard that his stage name is coming from gummy bears he eats every breakfast? Okay, we have bear, but what about the other part of the name? Let me tell you, apparently black was made up because his liver is turning black because of his breakfast! Did you know that the place he would love to live is the closet of Harry Styles? We mean, this is too relatable, we would also do a lot to have that place!

We’re 90% Sure He Has A Song With A Person You Stan!

Blackbear is also known for collabing with many good artists! If you stan someone, there is a big chance he already has a song with them! Recently, he released a remix of ‘Be happy’ with Gen Z tiktok star Dixie D’Amelio! We also can’t forget about songs -yes, songs in plural- with Machine Gun Kelly, they’re making a great duo, not only as a friends, but also as bop makers. On his latest album, we can listen to ‘if i were u’ with Lauv and ‘clown’ with Trevor Daniel. Also our All Time Low heart can’t forget to mention the collab ‘Monsters’ released at the beginning of April, which literally saved the whole quarantine!

He’s One Of The Most Real People Online.

Blackbear is not holding back in telling people how he actually feels. On Twitter, we can see that he trusts his fans, and shows that it’s okay to talk about feeling down. He shows that it’s okay to feel anxious, and he’s a human like any other. For us, he spreads a very important message about our feelings, all of them are valid and important. That YOU are important.

The Fashion Taste He Has!

This man loves designer clothes, but can we blame him? The point is that some people are wearing designer clothes just to show that they have money and some of outfits are patchy and just not it. But not in Blackbear’s case! The big fan of Gucci and Balenciaga has never been spotted wearing bad outfit, because he really has sense of fashion and can make any outfit look like it’s from Fashion Week. Maybe he should have worked in the fashion industry instead? Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get Gucci x Blackbear collab!

Speaking Of Fashion, His Merch Is Top-Tier

As we mentioned before, his fashion taste is immaculate, but have you seen his merch? The newest one’s color palette is baby blue and grey – because it fits to the everything means nothing vibe. A lot of tie-dye shirts and baggy clothes are THE cherry on top, the most wanted trends of 2020 are here made by Blackbear. Also, the merch is affordable and made by nice material, we can confirm! So, if you feel convinced go to the Blackbear’s site and order something QUICK, you can check it out here!

Did we convince you to stan Blackbear? Let us know by tweeting @TheHoneyPop or drop us a comment right below!


If you want more Blackbear content, we’ve got you. Plus, we’ve also got a chance for you to win merch money, check it all out at The Hive!

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