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blackbear Joins Dixie D’Amelio for An Interesting Twist

blackbear Joins Dixie D’Amelio for An Interesting Twist

We already thought Dixie’s song ‘Be Happy’ was good, but it just got even better. blackbear and Lil Mosey join the song for the ‘Be Happy’ remix. Any song blackbear comes on; it turns into a banger.

With Dixie’s initial release of ‘Be Happy’ it reached over one billion streams across TikTok. Then grossing over 130 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming services. Her music video has garnered almost 100 million views, and still climbing daily.

We really do feel like Dixie could easily be more than just ‘another YouTuber with a song’. It really seems like she puts a lot of heart and pride into her music.

“The meaning behind this song has always been so powerful to me, so to now be able to have two incredibly talented artists collab to make a remix of it – hopefully it can reach even more people so they can hear the message here too – that’s the coolest part about all of this.”

Dixie D’Amelio on the ‘Be Happy’ Remix.

blackbear really went off on his verse, it starts just 10 seconds in. He even brings back out some lyrics from last years banger ‘hot girl bummer’ which brings back the same flow of the “fuck you and you”. In just his one verse he surely doesn’t waste it; he talks about depression, like not wanting to get out of bed, and all the pain he deals with.

blackbear via @iamblackbear Twitter.

blackbear is always one of our biggest stans because he is always so open and honest about how he has battled with depression and more.

Lil Mosey joined the track as well, he fit in his verse and said what was needed. He came in, with an obvious rap flow which, the track may of been better if he had a blackbear style verse.

Be sure to let us know what you thought of the new song! Let us know on The Honey Pop! on Twitter. We always have you covered with all the latest music news, including everything blackbear!

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