Global Superstar Pikotaro Teamed Up with Pokemon

Global Superstar Pikotaro Teamed Up with Pokemon

Pikotaro, known mainly for his ‘Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ song has released an exciting and fun, new song. The global Japanese superstar teamed up with Pokemon to premieres a new song and music video called ‘PIKA to PIKO”

Global Superstar Pikotaro Teamed Up With Pokemon and Pikachu for a fun new song!
Image Source: Resonance Media

The electrifying song is available on digital platforms worldwide and is meant to help people smile and have fun in these trying times. The music video premiered on August 31st at the “Pokemon Virtual Fest” which was a virtual amusement park event in Japan. In the music video, the two have a fun choreography that helps create playful energy for children.  Pikotaro felt that Pokemon was the perfect anime to collaborate with due to the connection he has with the electric creature named Pikachu.

“I’ve always felt a connection with Pikachu,” said PIKOTARO. “I was dreaming of a way to collaborate with Pikachu, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to create a fun song together.”

Pikotaro, as said earlier, is known mainly for his ‘Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ song which has been danced to by many of our favorite idols — Monsta X, Twice, BTS, and more! As COVID-19 began to outbreak around the world, the compassionate artist updated his song to reflect the current state of the world. The updated song was to help children and adults wash their hands thoroughly and included the message “Pray for People and Peace”.

We’re thankful that Pikotaro is dedicated to promoting health safety alongside creating positive energy to help uplift the quality of life in these hard times! 


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Featured Image Source: Resonance Media

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[…] Global Japaense Superstar Pikotaro teamed up with Pokemon and Pikachu to create a fun song to keep a positive energy during COVID-19! View full source […]

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