Japanese Girl Group FAKY drops ‘Darling (Prod. GEG)’!

Japanese Girl Group FAKY drops ‘Darling (Prod. GEG)’!

As we all bunker down in our houses, we’re discovering music in different languages to help broaden our horizons. Here at The Honey Pop, we know that music has no boundaries, and that even the rhythm can touch the heart when you can’t always understand. Japanese dance/vocal girl group FAKY proves this, with their latest music song ‘Darling (Prod. GEG)’. The R&B-like love song was created in collaboration with producer GEG, who is the forefront of Japanese reggae and hip-hop music.

The emotional love song describes the longing of someone in love and the heartbreak that comes with it. In the music video, the girls showcase their sensual dance moves, that assist in showing off the dreamy vibes in the song as the sunset drapes their skin. There is no doubt that ‘Darling’ will be one of those songs that many will dedicate to those who currently are the apple of their eyes.

FAKY debuted in 2013, reaching over 25 million views from fans in over 120 countries. The girl group has a reputation for giving powerful performances with one of their dances ‘Girls Power’ achieving over 7 million views on YouTube. The band doesn’t conform itself to one music genre, experimenting with reggae, hip-hop, and pop sounds as of recently. The group consists of five members Taki, Akina, Lil Fang, Hina, and Mikako. The girls also come from diverse backgrounds which helps add to the dynamic of the group. FAKY has had their songs featured in anime shows such as Black Clover and Gundamn Build Fighters: Battlogue.

FAKY is the girl group of our dreams. We can’t wait to see how they will grow as a band both in Japan and internationally. Until the next drop, we’ll be singing our hearts out to ‘Darling’. A little heartbreak won’t hurt, right? ‘Darling (Prod. GEG)’ is available now on digital services worldwide.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Resonance Media

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