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Joji: NECTAR – An Event On The Horizon

Joji: NECTAR – An Event On The Horizon

Meet Joji! Born George Kusunoki Miller, he’s a visionary in the world of music. Just in 2019, he sold out his tour in minutes. He was set to be on Coachella‘s 2020 line up. A Japanese singer, songwriter, author, producer, and previously a YouTube/Internet personality, you may remember him as Filthy Frank and The Pink Guy. While Joji has had his fair share of personalities and fame, his music is nothing to sneeze at. He’s talented and has a way with words.


On September 25th, Joji will be releasing new album NECTAR. This release has a full 18 songs fit to either make you breakdown, question life, or just accompany you during the process. At least, we assume from the track list:

Tick Tock
Daylight (w/ Diplo)
Gimme Love
High Hopes (feat. Omar Apollo)
Pretty Boy (feat. Lil Yachty)
Normal People (feat. rei brown)
Afterthought (w/ BENEE)
Mr. Hollywood
Reanimator (feat. Yves Tumor)
Like You Do
Your Man

Plus, we’ve had two bangers in the form of ‘Run’ and ‘Daylight’ ft Diplo. They’re pretty great songs if you ask us. This album hosts a few interesting features as well. NECTAR is shaping up to be killer. If you’ve listened to Joji’s music before, you can understand the Joji style. If you’re new, we’ll give you a quick taste.


Premiering February 6th and August 6th respectively, the two songs give us a taste of the overall album and image. ‘Run’ is a run from problems and feelings. We see Joji wake up dazed and confused while he also slowly becomes one with the ground beneath him. We can feel the beat straddling this line in an almost uncomfortable manner between R&B and electronic dance. Like being stuck in goo while momentum drags you forward. That is until the end, about 3 minutes in ‘Run’ breaks out into this epic fight among the gods sounding electric guitar shred. Does the end show an escape? Maybe we’re not only running from something but to something as well?

run single artwork


‘Daylight’ has been described as “vibrant;” whether that’d be because of the lighting or the music is up to you. One thing we truly admire about Joji’s music videos and work is the lighting and use of lights to tell stories. This video contains some bright scenes and takes place on the set of a music video. Joji and Diplo start to take over and things get… well, weird? If they weren’t weird enough already. The music is catchy, really vibe worthy as it slowly meanders on. The feeling of being in slow motion is palpable, and we wonder just how he creates this amazing effect.

This time again, in the last minutes of the music video, we are shown a desolate place where a voice-over comes on to tell Joji to “Wake Up.” Seems the videos might be more connected than we first thought. Do we have ‘Run,’ which is an escape of some kind, and ‘Daylight’ shedding light on our journey? We’re more and more curious! Are we seeing the divide between the inner and outer world of an artist? Is there a grander meaning, or are we truly looking too deep?

Are you getting your hands on the album? Have a favorite song by Joji? Remember the old YouTube days? Do you have any theories? Let us know by tweeting @thehoneypop or leaving your comments below! Maybe even reach out on Facebook or Instagram?

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