The Ultimate Streaming Party – Stream the Vote

The Ultimate Streaming Party – Stream the Vote

Fandom competitions are something we see on the daily, whether for the next award, radio show, or twitter poll, people are always pitting fans against one another, so why not do it to make a positive change!

The power of fans’ are undeniable as many of us already know. We’ve seen Directioners make a song a single (that originally wasn’t supposed to be) and BTS ARMY organize a whole fundraiser for Black Lives Matter to match their idols donation that ended up surpassing the original amount. When they put their minds to it, they can do damage.

No matter the situation, fans know they have the power to make their voices known, and with many of those fans being the youth in America, Stream the Vote is challenging them to put their competitive nature to work for a good cause, making sure people are registered and understand how to vote!

iSTAN is a new tech platform that is hell-bent on creating a new platform for super fans and artists to create a more positive, symbiotic community online where gamification is at the heart.

With this and the importance of the 2020 election, they decided to create Stream the Vote to show off the power of organized and activated fandoms and reached out to numerous fan update accounts to get fans involved and jumpstart the campaign.

Involving many super active fandoms on Twitter, including BlackPink fans, Halsey fans, and even Beyonce fans, everyone is trying to do their part to get the word out about voting registration!

Teams can gain points by getting voter registrations, link clicks, and playlist follows with unique links that are created once individuals register with their Spotify account!

If you aren’t in the US, but still want to help out and spread the word, you can still participate, just skip out on the voting registration! And everyone can also make a donation with proceeds going to When We All Vote who has a mission of changing the culture around voting for youth.

Entertainment and politics usually don’t mix, but we’re sure we can all agree this election isn’t one to miss out on so it’s great to see the two mix for a great cause and what better way to get everyone involved than a friendly competition.

So what are you waiting for! Go to, join your favorite team, and start spreading the word! And may the best fandom win, #StreamTheVote!

What team are you on? Who do you think is going to win? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop.



Featured Image Source: Courtesy of iStan

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