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We’re Getting Butterflies Over Niall Horan: Our Top 10 Picks

We’re Getting Butterflies Over Niall Horan: Our Top 10 Picks

What is it about Niall Horan that The Honey Pop can’t get enough of? Maybe it’s his movie-star looks, complete with those ocean deep blue eyes? Or maybe it’s his cute Irish accent that goes with his infectious laugh and vivacious personality? Yes, to all those things! But we can’t deny just how much we adore his music!

When his solo album Flicker debuted nearly three years ago, it rocked our world! Oh, then came Heartbreak Weather this year, and it gave us a bit of sunshine amidst the gray clouds cast by the quarantine. But as Flicker sparked a flame, Heartbreak Weather smoldered, and it became clear that Niall’s music, and his ability to craft narratives with lyrics, is so special. While he captured our hearts forever in One Direction, his solo career is proving his maturity as a musician and how his music appeal to everyone. With each album, he is gaining momentum; he just keeps getting better and better!

To applaud him and his evident talent, we’re back at it again, THP fam! Because we know you want it, we’re bringing you our top ten Nialler songs!

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‘Black and White’

When Niall announced how special this song was when recording it in the studio in an exclusive behind the scenes look, we shared the excitement. This a prime example of those narrative lyrics we’re talking about! He creates such a captivating romantic story. It’s like it’s a romance bestseller, and hearing it with his angelic vocals makes it even more stunning. We’re dreaming that we’re the one his singing about. Forever swooning.


If you were lucky enough to hear this song live, particularly during his Flicker Sessions tour in 2017, you would have felt the power of this song at that exact moment. It was breathtaking. Although we crave the live experience, the studio-released edit still commands the same attention. The delivery of his emotions, backed by the guitar, is so raw, and it gives the song its edge.

‘No Judgement’

The instrumentals on this track are so awesome! We can appreciate the construction of this song as the melody is set to a laid-back vibe that helps emphasize the overall message of chilling with another person, appreciating their little quirks, and loving them for who they are, applying to all types of relationships. A track like this, especially nowadays, is much needed to remind all of us to fully practice acceptance.

‘Slow Hands’   

Whenever this song comes on, we dance to it, no matter where we are at the moment. It is so much fun and a whole vibe within itself; Shoutout to that bass! But his voice is the real deal in this one, and boy does it sounds so good. It’s smooth but has some grit to it, and compared to other tracks on Flicker, it shows he’s even able to achieve another level with his voice alone.

‘Small Talk’

We’re digging the 80s revival sound in this one with the atmospheric synthesizer and that funky bass line again! He’s giving one of our favorite instruments so much love! Though he’s being completely honest in the lyrics that make us blush, he’s shown the maturity to describe such passionate feelings.

‘Cross Your Mind’

Although the lyrics reveal he ends up hurt, we still love the premise of the track. Like ‘Bend The Rules,’ he writes from a different perspective in ‘Cross Your Mind’ that shows the other side of a relationship. With Flicker, we have been seeing the relationships he describes through his eyes, but now with these two tracks on Heartbreak Weather, we gain a better understanding of what he’s been through. Learning in ‘Cross Your Mind,’ we understand that this hurt is caused by the other person not taking the relationship as seriously as him, whether it be true to real life or slightly embellished for the sake of a song. Overall, this track adds depth to his collection.


The texture in this song is so complex with the back and forth between the serene verses and pre-chorus and the rushing melodies in the chorus and bridge. With this dichotomy, it resembles how the heart’s pace reacts to stressors, giving dimension to the lyrics “I try to run, but you’re everywhere I go/ When I think/I’m all alone/And my heart’s under control.” For this reason, ‘Everywhere’ showcases his consideration of all the elements that make up a song, making it a total experience. How neat is that? Please keep making music like this Niall Horan!

‘Too Much To Ask’

With this track, we feel the most connected with Niall, as he asks a question, we all seem to ponder from time to time, “Is it too much to ask?” Whether it be someone we can’t seem to get over or struggling to overcome a difficulty, life at that moment is overwhelming. In frustration, it this same question that is always asked, believing the situation should be simpler than the given circumstances. With ‘Too Much To Ask,’ this is the instance where he breaks down the barriers between the musician and fan to show we all share commonalities as we all navigate through life.

‘Put A Little Love On Me’

Now Niall is no stranger to writing ballads, but this one is particularly powerful backed by the piano and the tender harmonies in strings. ‘Put A Little Love On Me’ is also another track where his lyrics are gorgeous in a poetic form.  The line “I’ve still got so much love hidden beneath this skin/ Will someone/ Put a little love on me” and then again in “When the lights come up and there’s no shadows dancing/I look around as my heart is collapsing,” exemplifies his command with words. Yep, we’re crying, are you?

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If a song could break your heart and mend it back together simultaneously, it would be ‘Still.’ How beautiful that is truly is, yet it’s a classic Horan song with the strumming guitar. Also, remember how we were saying we love falsetto? With this song, Niall just joined that competition and opened a new range in his vocals; we’re so excited to hear more of what’s to come next. Wow!

Round of applause! Standing ovation! Encore! Encore!

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What’s your favorite Niall Horan song? Why do you think his music is unique? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @thehoneypop, commenting below, and over at Facebook! Be sure to follow us for the sweetest pop culture news!

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