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TXT Yeonjun’s Top 5 Mirror Selfie Outfits

TXT Yeonjun’s Top 5 Mirror Selfie Outfits

When MOAs think of Yeonjun, what do you think comes to mind? Of course! Yeonjun’s unique fashion looks! The oldest member’s mirror selfies are so cool! It doesn’t matter if it’s simple colors or crazy textures and patterns, Choi Yeonjun can do them all! Here are five of our favorite mirror selfie outfits!

#1 The All-Black

source: Twitter @TXT_members

One of the first selfies uploaded by Yeonjun, way back in June 2019! Sporting his now signature pose, Yeonjun shows off an all black outfit that’s just as cool as him! Also including one of his favorite pairs of platform shoes. Yeonjun already has model proportions but it doesn’t stop him from adding extra height! Who could pull off such a casual look like it’s from the streets of Milan? Only Yeonjun!

#2 Balenciaga Bling

source: Twitter @TXT_members

Next is a photo from Yeonjun’s birthday in 2019! Wearing velvet track pants and a fluffy padded jacket, he is showing off the new Balenciaga pullover sweater Beomgyu gifted him! MOAs were so surprised to see Yeonjun casually strutting in velvet track pants, but he makes it work!

#3 The Boyfriend Look

source: TXT Weverse

Another casual look! After a brief hiatus of uploading these selfies, Yeonjun returned with the boyfriend look of the century! The snug fit denim shirt with slim fit black jeans! Plus the presence of another pair of platform shoes. Doesn’t this outfit make you want to go on a nice autumn date? Yeonjun, run away with us!

#4 The Artist

source: TXT Weverse

Yeonjun absolutely kills it with casual looks! Another all black outfit that’s simple, but Yeonjun’s prowess shines through! The addition of the blazer and beret gives this a coffee shop artist look, plus his trendy clear frame glasses. He looks ready to slave over a laptop while sipping an iced americano.

#5 Heart Stealer

source: Twitter @TXT_members

Last but certainly not least, concept one of TXT‘s first Season’s Greetings! A different location than previous photos but we love this outfit. For TXT‘s first concept, they dressed as thieves and detectives. Even though this is his detective outfit, Yeonjun stole our hearts with his devilish looks. The wet hairstyle, leather ribbon gloves, and the slick all black leather outfit makes this a favorite! Watch out, MOA! There’s a thief on the loose!


It’s already our second year seeing so many looks from Yeonjun! We hope that Yeonjun hits runways soon and stun the fashion world! Wishing TXT a good 2020 and another amazing comeback!

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Featured image source: Twitter @BigHit_merch

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