‘YOTM’ Is The Latest Heavy New Single From Like Moths To Flames And We’re Drawn To It

‘YOTM’ Is The Latest Heavy New Single From Like Moths To Flames And We’re Drawn To It

‘YOTM’ let the breakdowns begin! The metalcore band Like Moths To Flames are releasing their fifth full-length album No Eternity In Gold next month!

Earlier this week, the band released a heavy new track with killer riffs titled ‘YOTM’.

This track is insane. The clean vocals mixed with the heavy breakdowns and screams make us want to start moshing!

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Fan’s on Twitter had nothing but positive words to say about the song.

Although ‘YOTM’ sounds aggressive, it has a very powerful meaning. 

We’ve been no stranger to hardships throughout the band’s career and YOTM kinda became the motto and driving force for the band to better itself. Year of the Moth is about giving one more glimpse into those struggles and finally allowing myself to move on. You can either fall victim to your problems or you can work yourself out of them.

Frontman Chris Roetter

Back in August, the band released a music video for their song ‘Habitual Decline’, which will be joining ‘YOTM’ on No Eternity In Gold. 

No Eternity In Gold Track List

The album will consist of 11 different tracks. Each track carries weight and personal connection to Roetter making this the most personal and creative Like Moths to Flames record to date.

1. The Anatomy of Evil
2. Habitual Decline
3. Burn in Water, Drown in Flame
4. Fluorescent White
5. God Complex
7. Killing What’s Underneath
8. A Servant of Plague
9. Demon of My Own
10.Selective Sacrifice
11.Spiritual Eclipse

The 11 tracks focus on overcoming 11 separate issues that I’m dealing with when I wake up every day. Most prevalently, it’s about struggling with yourself and your own feelings about your ultimate worth. These songs probably showcase more of my own mind than our previous work. I live my life like an open book, and we in the band are all very spiritual people who are in touch with their emotions. I feel that is something that society neglects; we are taught to bury and suppress negative feelings, when we believe that by embracing those emotions, you learn a huge amount about yourself.

Chris Roetter

Based on the meaning of this album and the two previously released songs, we can already tell that this is going to be the band’s best album yet!

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No Eternity in Gold is set to release on October 30th, but fans can pre-order it today.

What do you think about ‘YOTM’? Are you excited for the new album? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop!

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