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7 Little Mix Songs That Deserved to be Singles

7 Little Mix Songs That Deserved to be Singles

It comes as no surprise now that Little Mix makes some absolute bangers. Even the locals know that their singles are pure fire, but unless you’re a Mixer you’re missing out on some incredible album tracks that deserved their time in the spotlight. So, we’re blessing you all with our picks of X incredible Little Mix songs which deserved the single treatment. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some new faves that are playlist worthy…

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‘Joan of Arc’

Make way for the G-O-Double-D-E-S-S! ‘Joan of Arc’ is one we still listen to regularly even today. It’s fierce, a feminist smash, and oozes that independence and self-confidence, which gives us a total boost when we’re in the need of feeling like a total badass. And the teaser clips we were given towards the beginning of the LM5 era were pure fire, so we’re still a bit bitter it never was released as a single.


Why are we not talking about ‘Lightning’ enough, you guys? The production in this song, the vocals are chilling in the best way possible, everything about it is just phenomenal. The EDM drop on the chorus made for the perfect dance break as seen on tour and the Latin Gordalic poem harmonized sends shivers down our spines.


Although we did end up getting a music video and lyric video after the LM5 era, ‘Wasabi’ truly deserved its moment with full radio play, promotion, the lot. This sassy song is the perfect response to the haters, the tabloids, and anyone who dare try to bring Little Mix down. The performance on tour was phenomenal and one we hope we’ll be seeing at future shows!


Try to not tap your feet, bop your head or snap your fingers to this big bop. The perfect song about glowing up served as a promotional single but deserved so much more. It’s a brassy number with another breakdown that’s perfect for another famous Little Mix choreo, which the Get Weird Tour proved. If you’re ever feeling yourself, you need to blast this and bask in that glory!

‘Down & Dirty’

With pulsating beats and escalating synths, this is a huge electro banger laced with trap beats and rap-like verses which makes for a major club-friendly track that we’d love to see being added to party playlists for the foreseeable future.

‘Red Planet (ft T-Boz)’

We’re throwing it back quite far in Little Mix history with one of their first collabs which featured on their debut album DNA. The dramatics of this song is so great. It’s a feisty little track with a growling guitar riff and with the intergalactic themes, we just know the music video’s aesthetic would have been *chef kiss*.

‘These Four Walls’

As much as they can deliver big bangers, Little Mix can equally deliver incredible ballads, with ‘These Four Walls’ being the beautiful tear-jerker which never truly got its moment. The harmonies are impeccable as they reach their crescendo following the soft whisper-like verses which lead up to the breath-taking ending, truly eliciting your emotions.

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Which Little Mix songs do you think deserved the single treatment? Do you agree with our choices? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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