CNCO Releases Video For New Single ‘Beso’

CNCO Releases Video For New Single ‘Beso’

CNCO new single ‘Beso‘ has been out for just a few weeks, and the song has already surpassed 11million streams! The band is now back with a new music video for the song.

The 5 band members have truly put their acting skills to the test with this video! One thing we can all agree on? They DID NOT disappoint us with this one. Not only is the video so well put together, but it makes us seriously LOL.

Regardless of the restrictions due to COVID-19, our favorite guys did an amazing job with this video. They decided to still have a good time and keep it down to a few people. This made them play multiple roles in the video. We feel like that for sure added to the fun factor!

The release of this video followed the band’s premiere performance of their new single ‘Beso’ on the VMA’s. If you missed that performance, you can check that out below!

Between the new music video and that VMA performance, we are COMPLETELY swooning over CNCO.

We here at The Honey Pop love CNCO and we want to hear more from you! What do you think of the new music video for ‘Beso’? Tweet us @thehoneypop or find us over Facebook or Instagram!

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