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Adam Lambert’s Activism Warms Our Hearts With Pizza and Chats

Adam Lambert’s Activism Warms Our Hearts With Pizza and Chats

Adam Lambert’s activism is iconic when it comes to his involvement and interaction with the LGBTQ+ community. Whether it is his involvement with Live Around The World or his charity Feel Something Foundation, he makes us endlessly proud to be a stan. He cares, and it shows, which brings us to his latest event held in London.

When There Is Pizza, What More Could You Ask For?

An evening with London-based Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust; this trust also partners with his FS Foundation. The evening consisted of the group sharing their experiences, growing up in the LGBTQ+ community, followed by a Q&A.

One where Adam shared some of his experiences outside and within the entertainment community. During such a time as this pandemic, it is easy to feel isolated and alone all over again. These organizations and socially distanced, safe moments are needed to keep strong. The event was held with 25 people in attendance.

Image via Shingi Rice

We’re thrilled to see Adam Lambert’s activism still going strong even in these isolating and rough times. Many in the LGBTQ+ community look up to him as a role model. Adam has opened doors and hearts. We’re so grateful for the use of his platform to keep hope alive.

” It’s so great to come back to London and see how this amazing group of young people are doing. Mosaic does incredible work and it was super inspiring to hear how it really had changed their lives, growing their confidence and ensuring they’re truly proud of their identities. The world needs support systems like this more than ever during these crazy times, and from the stories shared by some of the members last night, Mosaic have been amazing in prioritizing the group’s wellbeing.”

-Adam Lambert

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Featured Image Source Courtesy of Shangi Rice

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