The Baddest is Back, CL Makes Her Powerful Return

The Baddest is Back, CL Makes Her Powerful Return

The baddest is back and she makes her powerful return to the music industry in doing so. One of the most influential artists from the second generation of K-POP groups, CL’s homecoming is long overdue. Starting on the 1st of September, The Baddest, the name that CL refers to herself by, shared teasers of an upcoming project on her social media accounts. It generated excitement among GBZs, her fandom name, as the sudden activities were unexpected. Then on September 10th, CL announced ‘Post Up’ with the release date of September 14th with a music video.

Once it dropped, GBZs knew that the queen’s comeback would be more powerful than ever. The heavy, bass-filled track addresses the powerful return that CL will have in addition to honoring the role she played in 2NE1, a second-generation girl group. The music video is CL, herself, with visuals of her downing different fashion styles in multiple color schemes. Shortly after the drop of the music video, CL announced that she is planning to release more content in October ahead of her album that is due to come out. Although there is no release date, we’re excited about the powerful comeback.

The track is produced by American producers Baauer, Holly, Stuart White, and Colin Leonard. The lyrics were written by CL and Bonique.  

This would be CL’s first album release since her departure from YG Entertainment. In December of 2019, CL dropped a six-track EP In The Name of Love which included ‘+DONE161201+’ and ‘+REWIND170205’.

We’re awaiting the return of CL to the music industry and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for those who love her so much. Until then, GBZs will be streaming ‘Post Up’ until our ears fall out!


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Featured Image Source: CL via Twitter

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