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KTH1 is Coming! Here’s Everything We Know So Far…

KTH1 is Coming! Here’s Everything We Know So Far…

In addition to the incredible music that BTS put out, we are also blessed with solo works from each member. And while the vocal line has each shared solo songs here and there, it’s only the rap line who have dropped mixtapes. But all that is about to change thanks to V…

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Kim Taehyung AKA V has been hard at work this year. The global pandemic scuppering everyone’s plans this year has meant that everyone, including the boys of BTS, has had to do things differently and often leaving spaces in diaries to work on new things. Yoongi returned as Agust D with D-2 following shows being both canceled or postponed for the Map of the Soul Tour, and it seems as though he’s not the only member who has been focusing on solo material.

V has been speaking about his mixtape – currently dubbed KTH1 – with ARMY this year and it looks like that when he’s not busy with the upcoming album or promoting their hit single ‘Dynamite,’ he’s on the grind to produce his own music for his first full project release. He already dropped ‘Sweet Night’ back at the beginning of the year as an OST for the show Itaewon Class, which was hugely anticipated since the release of his song ‘Winter Bear’ back last August.

During what’s inevitably a difficult year for us all, V has been treating ARMY to sneak peeks of his work-in-progress, and even played a snippet in episode 5 of BTS In The Soop while spending some time on a canoe surrounded by tranquility. KTH1 is gonna be a comfort mixtape, we just know it.

Also in the episode, he shared his thoughts and feelings about working on the mixtape with Hoseok aka j-hope about pre-release nerves.

“I’m a bit nervous because it’s my first mixtape,” he confessed during the car ride with the elder member. “I don’t know when the show will be aired, and even once the show starts airing, I could still be working on it or it might be released.” So it sounds like a lot of work has been completed!

Offering advice to V as a member who has dropped his mixtape Hope World back in 2018, j-hope said: “I don’t think you should be too pressured about a mixtape. Just do what you want to do, and show the music you want to show. You’re not trying to win something big with it.”

V agreed and said that he’s “making this because I want our fans to hear it. I’m doing this because I want to share the music I’ve been working on and that I love, but I’m a bit worried that it’d look like I’m doing it to achieve something when that’s completely not in my interest.” We believe you, Tae! We can’t wait for your passion project to be released, but don’t be surprised if ARMY helps you break records with it, even if you weren’t intended it. That’s just how we roll.

So far, we’ve been given three song snippets from KTH1, all which have been in English so far. While we’re not sure if the full mixtape will be in English yet, it wouldn’t be too surprising with ‘Sweet Night,’ and ‘Winter bear,’ released in English, though ‘Scenery’ was mostly in Korean. Maybe we’ll be seeing our bilingual king switch it up?

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The songs also seem to be of a soft ballad nature, which definitely seems to fit the kind of music we’re used to from Tae, and we’re ready to put on a big sweater, make ourselves a hot chocolate and unwind listening to his ethereal voice.

KTH1 has also been a discussion on Weverse that he’s not shied away from when curious ARMY have asked questions. When asked back in June what kind of mood the new song he was making now is, he replied “Somehow there is kind of the mood I’ve made during that time, also there are many feelings I haven’t tried before and what I wanted to say, so I think ARMYs will like it!” You are absolutely right, we will love it, no doubt!

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We may have to wait a little bit for the official confirmation of when we’ll get KTH1, it’s actual name and the nitty gritty details (y’know, given the fact BTS are worldwide superstars with a super jam-packed schedule) but we take comfort in knowing it’s in the works and hopefully that sweet, sweet day will be here soon!

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Are you excited for KTH1? What do you think it’ll be like? And when do you think it’ll drop? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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