Elder Brother: Elevates Sound With Single ‘Projector’

Elder Brother: Elevates Sound With Single ‘Projector’

A recent addition to THP’s archives, Elder Brother reveals new single in preparation of new album I Won’t Fade On You. The album is set for releases on October 12th, 2020, via Pure Noise Records. Giving us a handful over superb singles, Elder Brother is back again to give us a little bit of insight into their new record, full of new sounds. The new single ‘Projector’ finds its place quickly among the other, equally incredible releases. This one is short and sweet, but no less full of life as the others from I Won’t Fade On You. Tuning in to more pop type sounds, this single broke boundaries, as it was something the band has yet to try. Full of untouchable relatable lyrics, with the addition of keys, this song found an immediate spot on our playlist. Listen to it now, and enjoy all its beauty:

Elder Brother – ‘Projector’

Producing a vibe geared more toward the 90’s American style, the band pulled in new influences. Including those of early Wilco and The Wallflowers. Contrary to always being fans, Elder Brother hadn’t brought in their influences until this album. Providing a more brooding, indie-esc, Midwestern emo sound, we are feeling every part of it. Additionally, beyond happy to see what the album as a whole will have to offer. The full-time quartet seems to have found their footing, and it’s their most comfortable yet. Profoundly straying from their alternative roots, the band elevates their sound and place in the NorCal underground scene.

Elder Brother
Image Source: Elder Brother on Facebook

Band and fans alike, we are ready for the unveiling of this album and Elder Brother’s polished sound. Our hopes are still high as ever for this new full-length. Let us know your thoughts by leaving them down below or over @thehoneypop on Twitter!

Read more about Elder Brother HERE!


Featured Image Source & Image Source: Courtesy of Big Picture Media

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