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‘On God’ You’re Going to Love Mulatto’s Latest Music Video

‘On God’ You’re Going to Love Mulatto’s Latest Music Video

Mulatto's 'On God' music video is here and we can't get enough!

If you’re not familiar with Mulatto yet, you’re about to be! If the name Mulatto sounds familiar, you may spend too much time on Tik Tok. Mulatto’s track ‘Bitch From Da Souf’ became a popular audio on Tik Tok, leading to all sorts of edited versions and trends, and she’s not stopping there. She dropped the ‘On God’ music video last weekend, garnering around 1.4 million views in that first week alone! Talk about a hit, right?

We have to say: we love the visual concept of the ‘On God’ music video. The video, directed by Lyrical Lemonade, aka Cole Bennett, uses monochrome color schemes throughout. Mulatto jumps from all pink to all purple to all yellow, with the backgrounds colored to match. Personally, we love the purple outfit; those sunglasses are dope. Overall, the video is aesthetically pleasing to watch and adds to the overall vibe of the song.

Now you can see what we mean by watching the video here:

The song itself is upbeat and catchy; you’ll definitely be bopping your head along to it. And of course, who doesn’t love hearing songs that hype them up? We don’t know about you, but we live for it. It’s essential to remember your own worth and hype yourself up sometimes, and this song is a great way to do it. 😉

Here’s a quick little bio on Mulatto in case you aren’t familiar with her already. She won the show The Rap Game in its first season, going on to release her first mixtape as an independent artist in 2016. From there, she continued releasing music, and in 2019, ‘Bitch From Da Souf’ dropped and became a hit. Mulatto signed with RCA Records in 2020 and released Queen of Da Souf, her debut album. She’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on, and we, at THP, can’t wait to see what she does next!

What was your favorite outfit in the ‘On God’ music video? Do you have a fave track from Mulatto? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: RCA Records

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