The Journey Towards The Release Of ALICIA

The Journey Towards The Release Of ALICIA

So now that we finally have the release date, all we have to do is wait, can’t be too hard…right?

Mark Down September 18th!

Image Source: RCA Records

Alicia recently revealed that her upcoming album, ALICIA is releasing Friday, September 18th! Which you know, has us very excited!. Also American Express is going to be hosting a livestream of the album, on its release date at 6:00 pm ET. So, cardmembers and fans, keep an eye out for that!

Before the release of the album, she has been releasing hit tracks such as ‘So Done,’ ‘Underdog’ and ‘Love Looks Better.’ All of which have received high praise, from really anyone who listens to them and rightfully so. She released a book More Myself: A Journey, which is the counterpart for the album. So if you love her, and are excited about the album, we suggest picking it up. Also, get ready for an amazing concert experience! Summer 2021 she will be going on tour for the album, check when she is heading to your city here.

Recently Alicia also sat down with Apple Music to talk more in-depth about the album. Which you can watch below, we highly recommend you do, it’s really interesting!

It’s never too late to pre-save and pre-order the new album, which you can do here!

How have you enjoyed the journey so far? Are you ready for the album release?. Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, or talk of us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: RCA Records

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