Makeout Makes Us Feel At ‘Home’ With Their New Song

Makeout Makes Us Feel At ‘Home’ With Their New Song

Makeout released their first song with new-lead singer, Kyle Dee, back in July. Now, they are back with the new music video for ‘Home.’

You can check out the video for ‘Home’ below! We promise you that Makeout did not disappoint us with this one!

We are loving this new music video! Makeout had to get creative with filming this video due to COVID, but we think they pulled it off! We are loving how parts of the video give us the illusion of it playing off of a projector in the house. It made for an interesting video.

If you want to add this song to your playlist, you can do so here! Kyle Dee even told us a little bit about the track:

‘Home’ is about being completely drained from giving your all to a dead end relationship. It’s about wanting to build a life with somebody and being fed false promises of a picture-perfect future.

-Kyle Dee

We love Makeout so much and cannot wait to hear more music from them. We know that they will not disappoint! Their new EP cannot come soon enough, but until then, we will be enjoying the music and videos we already have!

Let us know what you think about the new music video! What were your favorite parts? Are you excited for their upcoming projects? Comment your thoughts down below. tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or find us over on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured image source: @nilesgregory via Instagram.

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