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Fresh Music Friday: Justin Bieber, Stray Kids, Ava Max… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Justin Bieber, Stray Kids, Ava Max… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Holy’ – Justin Bieber ft Chance The Rapper

The Biebs is back and we’re so excited! ‘Holy’ is as amazing as we expected and we can’t get enough. Chance the Rapper’s verse fits in perfectly with the distinct contemporary R&B vibe of the song and Justin’s vocals are as solid as ever. The two of them make a great duo on this track. Lyrically, the song is also very endearing. It’s a laidback way of asking if someone is down to stay forever, over a smooth beat. The overall flow of the song is extremely appealing. ‘Holy’ rolls a chill, contemporary vibe and an enjoyable, head-bopping song into one! If this is what to expect from the new era of Justin Bieber, we can’t wait!

Listen to the single here

IN生 – Stray Kids

“Hey, you wanna come in?” After an incredibly successful comeback in June, Stray Kids are already back with their album repackage, IN生. While still including the songs from their last album, such as their hit, ‘God’s Menu,’ this repackage gifts us eight new songs. When we thought that we couldn’t be even more impressed with Stray Kids, they outdo themselves again, this time with their lead track ‘Back Door.’ The song plays on different elements that we may not see from other Stray Kids tracks. With a funky baseline and chorus that fans can’t stop playing, the eight members show that experimenting with your sound can pay off.

We also see this in the b-sides of the repackage. From the three sub-unit songs to other tracks such as ‘Any’ and ‘Ex,’ we see the many sides of Stray Kids. Each member showcases themselves through these songs; we have the beautiful vocals of Seungmin and I.N in their song ballad ‘My Universe,’ we get the rap verses we love from 3RACHA in ‘We Go,’ and we can’t forget how Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix show just how musically talented they are in ‘Wow.’ Songs like ‘B Me’ is only one example of the meaningful and impactful lyrics we hear through the entire album. Then we have the extended version ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ which starts off the album and is the perfect introduction to this repackage. It’s safe to say that IN生 has everything needed for a hit album, and it may be one of our favorites to be released this year.

Listen to the album here

Heaven & Hell – Ava Max

Brand new pop sensation Ava Max has released her debut album this week and it’s devilishly sweet! ‘Heaven and Hell’ is the record packed full of big tunes we needed this week and we at Fresh Music Friday couldn’t be more excited. The album features hit tracks ‘OMG What’s Happening’, ‘Kings and Queens’, and ‘Sweet but Psyco’. But if you’re on the hunt for some brand new tunes to get hooked on then we also love ‘Belladonna’ and ‘Take You To Hell’.

Listen to the album here

‘god save me, but don’t drown me out’ – YUNGBLUD

Yungblud‘s voice takes center stage in his new song ‘god save me, but don’t drown me out’. An anthem reminiscent of hellogoodbye or runner runner in a musical tone yet grasping into so many others, we’re really made to listen and overall feel what Yungblud has to say. Lonely yet hopeful we’re listening intently to “Take a breath and try to think straight ‘Cause therе’s so much pressure on my fuckin’ brain And my blood runs thin ’cause I’m off my facе And my shoulders weigh more than I can take.” We’re drawn into the sincerity in those words and how relatable they are. Vulnerable and genre-bending, we recommend you check out this work of emotion and art. 

Listen to the single here

Dynamite (Nighttime Version) – BTS

Following the success on the Billboard Hot 100 with a two-week streak on the number one spot and three weeks in the top three, BTS have treated ARMY to the nighttime versions of ‘Dynamite.’ The EP includes four new remixes: ‘Slow Jam,’ ‘Midnight,’ ‘Retro,’ and ‘Bedroom’. Each remix has an essence of night ambiance, with the ‘Bedroom’ remix being perfect for chilling in your room as you read or scroll on social media, and the ‘Retro’ remix creating even funkier vibes than before, perfect for partying the night away. Just when we thought ‘Dynamite’ couldn’t get any better, it did!

Listen to the EP here

‘911’ – Lady Gaga

Gaga is bringing us the disco vibes this week with the music video for ‘911,’ the latest single off her hit album Chromatica. It’s a song that’s got it all, from the catchy rhythmic chorus to her elegant vocals! The Daft Punk-inspired track is complete with robotic vocals, triumphant melodies, and relatable lyrics, a real big dance track that we long to hit the dance floor with someday but for now will make do with vibing around our bedroom to it.

Listen to the single here

Color Vision – MAX

MAX never fails to impress when he puts out new music and his new album Color Vision is no exception! The 12-track album is full of laidback, fun, and upbeat songs. It feels like sunshine on a cloudy day, with upbeat music and fantastic vocals backing some real, raw lyrics. There are definitely some feel-good tracks on there too. Of course, we can’t forget all the amazing guest features, like Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko, and SUGA from BTS, who is featured on the track ‘Blueberry Eyes’. It’s definitely an album worth checking it, we have a feeling you’re going to love it.

Listen to the album here

‘Diamonds’ – Sam Smith

Glittering sensation Sam Smith has just dropped a new single ‘Diamonds’. The song is full of rolling vocals and synths that build into a sparkling chorus. Here at Fresh Music Friday, we’re suckers for any track that has Sam’s haunting vocals on and ‘Diamonds’ is no different! If you’re looking for a new artist to get into then Sam Smith is the way to go.

Listen to the single here


Our girls TWICE are back with their third Japanese mini album #TWICE3 and they truly delivered. Consisting of six tracks, the album includes the Japanese version of their big 2020 single ‘MORE & MORE,’ the sparkly track ‘The Best Thing I Ever Did’ and and funky ‘FANCY.’ If you’re looking for a feel-good vibe to add to your playlist, then this mini album is on the top of our recommendation list!

Listen to the album here

‘Ur So F**kInG cOoL (Remix)’ – Tones and I ft blackbear

Tones & I have just dropped a fire remix of her hit single ‘Ur So F**kInG cOoL’ by blackbear. It’s a collab we didn’t see coming but we’re head over heels for it! blackbear’s re-work of the song hits the spot in a way we can’t get out of our heads. His verse re-imagines the track and has breathed a renewed sense of direction to it. You’ll be able to catch us vibing to this for weeks to come!

Listen to the single here

‘Me Gusta’ – Anitta ft Cardi B & Myke Towers

Anitta is back and she’s brought Cardi B and Myke Towers for the ride. The bi-lingual banger is filled with sexy reggaeton vibes, booming bass, and infectious drum beats scattered around the song, which are sure to get your hips swaying involuntarily. Summer may be coming to an end, but the vibes are here to stay thanks to this trio’s compelling new single. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

The First Step: Chapter Two – TREASURE

Brand new KPOP group TREASURE are back with The First Step: Chapter Two and we at Fresh Music Friday are in love! This latest comeback is just what we needed this weekend and we’re sure you’ll be dancing to this mini-album just as hard as we are. If you’re not on the TREASURE hype train it’s about time you got clued in!

Listen to the album here

Alicia – Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’s latest record ALICIA is finally with us! We’ve been playing on repeat at Fresh Music Friday and with every listen we find something new that we love. If you’re craving a record to listen to while you sit back and soak in the talent then this is the one for you. Some of our favourite tracks include ‘Authors of Love’, ‘So Done’ ft Khalid, and ‘Love Looks Better’.

Listen to the album here

‘Revolution’ – Mali-koa

Our queen Mali-Koa did not come to play around this week. Her latest track ‘Revolution’ is effortlessly beautiful and has us falling in love with the song with every listen! If you’re not on the Mali hype train yet then ‘Revolution’ has all the vibes to get you excited for her upcoming album this November. We also had a chat with her recently and you can check out the interview here!

Listen to the single here

‘Whenever You Call’ – Arashi

Japanese superstars Arashi have already been releasing hits for more than 20 years, and now they’re making waves in the West. Last month they dropped tropical bop ‘In The Summer’ which quickly became popular for its positive vibes. Now they’re following up that success with new release ‘Whenever You Call’. The track has a mid-tempo synth beat that repeats optimistically behind the heartfelt lyrics. The highlight of the song has to be the heavenly vocal harmonies that sound so natural between the members. Written by Bruno Mars, it is performed entirely in English as a way to connect with their fans all over the world.

Listen to the single here

‘Post Up’ – CL

CL makes her bass-filled return to the music industry with ‘Post Up’. The short yet impactful track address CL who is was, who she is and who she will be. In the music video, CL downs multiple pieces of fashions with monochromatic backgrounds that interchange with the beat. The beautiful and sudden track embodies the fierce energy that CL has as an artist. We can’t wait to hear more powerful tracks from CL and what she has in store.

Listen to the single here

‘Gaslight’ – Maggie Lindemann ft Siiickbrain

Maggie Lindemann is the punk artist that packs a punch. Her latest track ‘Gaslight’ with Siiickbrain is no exception to that either! ‘Gaslight’ will have you headbanging in your room and its lyrics about female empowerment have us feeling angry at the patriarchy too.

Listen to the single here

’17’ – Pink Sweat$ ft Joshua & DK

Pink Sweat$ has released a new version of his sweet song ’17’, featuring the vocals of Joshua and DK of KPOP group SEVENTEEN. Known for his RnB ballads that often feature a guitar for the background music, Pink Sweat$’ style is perfect for the two SEVENTEEN vocal team members. Sung in Korean, Joshua and DK’s vocals are heavenly and transition beautifully to Pink Sweat$. The three singers work well together, and what was already an amazing song has now become even more special.

Listen to the single here

See Also

‘Play Dead’ – The Hara

UK based band The Hara have just dropped another EP and it’s HUGE! ‘Play Dead’ is bound to get you rocking out in your bedroom and the songs are just as awesome too. While they’re on an upward trajectory you’ll want to get into them early and this EP is the perfect way to do so! Some of our top tunes include ‘Bite Down’ and ‘Animals’.

Listen to the EP here

‘BOOM (Remix)’ – LAY ft R3HAB

When Lay released his summer song, ‘Boom,’ it wasn’t hard to fall for its tropical vibes. Now, Lay has teamed up with DJ R3HAB for a new remix of the song! The remix enhances the summer sound with the new house beats, and it transcends different music genres. If you loved the original version of ‘Boom,’ we’re willing to bet you’re going to love listening to the remix just as much!

Listen to the single here

‘Jealous of Myself’ – GALXARA ft Trevi Moran

The queen Galxara herself has got a new tune out this week and we are thriving! ‘Jealous of Myself’ is the self love bop that we all need this September. Full of power vocals from Galxara and sumptuous harmous with Trevi Morgan, there isn’t one bit of this track that will leave you disappointed.

Listen to the single here

‘Yours (Blinders Remix)’ – Raiden X Chanyeol ft 이하이, 창모

The remix of Chanyeol and DJ Raiden’s synth-pop song, ‘Yours,’ is one you need to add to your playlist ASAP. The EDM beats mixed with the instrumental we already were fans of gives the song a fun new spin. It still carries the same vibes of the original, with the new beats only adding to the already loving song.

Listen to the single here


ASTRO‘S Moonbin & Sanha have made their sub-unit debut! Their 1st mini-album, IN-OUT, offers us five songs from the duo, and we can’t get enough! Each song showcases the two members’ vocals in different ways! With some slow jams and ballads such as ‘Alone’ and ‘Dream Catcher,’ we can really hear how each boy’s vocals and how they work together in perfect harmony.

Their lead track, ‘Bad Idea,’ is more upbeat than the rest of the album. The Pop song is the perfect track to captivate listeners, and only will the song do that, but so will the music video! Moonbin & Sanha have formed a sound that is entirely their own, and it’s one you need to listen up on.

Listen to the album here

‘Screwed Up’ – Nevaeh Jolie ft A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Nevaeh Jolie has arrived this week with ‘Screwed Up’. We’ve been groovin to this tune all day long and have fallen in love. Jolie’s vocals are simply exquisite and the track has one of the funkiest beats we’ve heard all year!

Listen to the single here

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Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Rachel Collucci, Jade Sheppard, Aman Shamim, Keisha-Tara Watkin, Dakota Ash

Featured Image Source: Justin Bieber via Twitter | Courtesy of JYP Entertainment | Courtesy of Atlantic Records

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