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Knuckle Puck Drops 20/20: Talent, Transitions, and Timeless Tunes

Knuckle Puck Drops 20/20: Talent, Transitions, and Timeless Tunes

The highly anticipated, potential pop-punk AOTY is finally here as Knuckle Puck has released 20/20. With this album, we have been left in awe of this group once again. Everything and more of what we could have hoped and imagined. And while the album is small in length, it is incredibly colossal in the amount of talent, transition, and timeless tunes.

Lyrically brilliant, instrumentally proficient, a sound we long for, and a voice that coins what pop-punk should be, Knuckle Puck’s 20/20 is an absolute smash. A work of art that we know the band is proud of, hell, we are too.

The album starts strong with the title track. Relatable as ever, we’re channeling our 20/20 vision as best we can, and this song? It’s helping us. This album’s central theme is about living in the moment and letting go of being angry at the world – even though it’s given us all the reasons to be – and focusing on being present. Following the title track is catchy as hell, fast-paced single, ‘Tune You Out,’ which honestly, we’ll never tune these guys out, obviously.

Knuckle Puck – ’20/20′

Pushing through with full jam, ‘Sidechain,’ included with a sing-along chorus, we are utterly stoked to see this one live.

Knuckle Puck – ‘Sidechain’

Flowing fiercely into our favorite, a sensational summer anthem, with divine bliss, single ‘Earthquake.‘ Knuckle Puck feels good about this song, and gives us every reason to feel good about it too. Uplifting, encapsulating, and god damn catchy, we can’t get enough.

Knuckle Puck – ‘Earthquake’

Naturally, the singles released we’ve had in rotation for weeks, shout out ‘RSVP,’ ‘Breathe’, and ‘What Took You So Long?;’ they are absolute gems in this pile of diamonds. Accentuating everything wonderfully perfect about Knuckle Puck, it makes sense these we’re all singles.

Knuckle Puck – ‘Into The Blue’

Swan diving from twenty-thousand feet ‘Into The Blue’ is just straight-up incredible. Embodying an authentic KP sound, this song is everything we’ve ever wanted. It’s like you can’t even listen without shouting the relatable-turned catchy chorus while throwing up an angst-filled finger point. This one makes us envision it now: crowd surfing, loss of hearing, and brilliant (longed-for) live music.

Joe Taylor gets it. Do you?

The album finishes just as strong as it started with ‘Green Eyes (Polarized),’ ‘True North,’ and ‘Miles Away.’ Giving us mad Copacetic vibes, we have absolutely no complaints. 

Knuckle Puck – ‘True North’

Knuckle Puck’s 20/20 is quite possibly the pop-punk album of the year, and if it were up to us, it’d be decided. A work of art to be proud of, they’ve again gone beyond all our expectations. What’s your favorite song off the album? Any other burning thoughts you need to share? Comment down or tweet us @thehoneypop on Twitter.

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