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Worried About Losing TikTok? Meet The New Alternative App Influencers Are Backing

Worried About Losing TikTok? Meet The New Alternative App Influencers Are Backing

TikTok Clash

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, this week, we found out that TikTok will be banned within the U.S. as of this Sunday. The app has been a crucial part of pop culture over the past year, being a main source of entertainment for many of us during quarantine and has even seen major artists, such as BTS, use the app to promote their new music. And while American social media consumers begin to fret over the loss of their beloved video app, it seems as though a new app may be preparing to take its place.

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Since the announcement of Trump’s plans back last August, Clash – an app with a similar setting of TikTok – saw quite the spike in its traffic. The video app has been developed by former Vine creator Brendon McNerney and digital marketing expert/content strategist P.J. Leimgruber. The app serves as what could be classed as a love child of Vine and TikTok, offering up to 21 seconds of recording time, and even includes a page called “now serving” where you can discover more videos by other creators, much like the For You page or Discover page on previous apps.

The app even has the support of Elijah Daniel, who has invested in Clash and hopes to make it a safer space for smaller creators. The social media star has even developed his own show exclusive to the app, named The Clash, which is the first-ever social distancing, reality game show. Users can auction to participate in the show by uploading their content with the hashtag #ClashAudition.

The app creators have also kept in mind a struggle that TikTokers and former Vine stars had to deal with in terms of monetization. Speaking to Tubefilter back in August, McNerney said:

I’ve had too many friends that had to leave L.A. because they wouldn’t be able to pay rent. And so many friends who wanted to chase something and couldn’t because it’s really, really hard to break into this business. I saw TikTok take off and hoped that it was going to bring some sort of tools or some sort of atmosphere that would help creators more. Definitely seen a lot of creators grow, but never saw something that was truly for creators that actually helps them make a living, and helps them do what they want and chase those dreams.”

Right now, the app isn’t available worldwide, though is available in the U.S, ready to take the place of our once-loved video-sharing platform for those who are about to lose access. Hopefully, we will see Clash grow over the rest of 2020 and see global availability, ready to make it the new takeover video app!

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