Call ‘911!’ Lady Gaga Has Released Her New Short Film

Call ‘911!’ Lady Gaga Has Released Her New Short Film

Lady Gaga has released her new short film for 911 and trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this! Gaga created this video with award-winning director Tarsem. The video premiered on YouTube, MTV Live, MTVU, and on the Viacom Times Square billboard.

Check out Lady Gaga’s most recent short film, produced by The Artists Company below!

Lady Gaga‘s 911 short film does not disappoint in any way! The obsession we have with this video is unreal! Trust us when we say you are gonna want to watch this again and again! The vibrant colors included in the video grabbed our attention right away.

Something that really catches our eye is the tie in between the beginning and end of the video. If you look carefully at the beginning of the video, Gaga is laying in the same position she wakes up in at the end of the video.

Image via GIFY

So let’s talk about all of the costumes; we are OBSESSED! Of course, she isn’t Lady Gaga without her fabulous outfits. For instances, the first outfit she is found in a favorite, simple but still totally Gaga. The rest of the outfits of supporting actors and actresses give off Egyptian vibes!

We’re loving this new short film, but we are also living for Gaga’s album Chromatica. You can also listen to the album here. Lady Gaga also has some fun merch that was released along with the album. You can check that out and buy it here!

We, at The Honey Pop, are loving everything about what Lady Gaga has been doing! The short film is amazing, and we are loving the most recent album! We want to hear from you! Comment your thoughts down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

Want to read more on Lady Gaga? Don’t worry, we have you covered! You can read more here!


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Featured image source courtesy of Lady Gaga on Instagram.

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