Reaching Blue Hour with TXT!

Reaching Blue Hour with TXT!

It’s official! Big Hit Entertainment’s rookie group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT), is coming back with their 3rd mini album! The album titled minisode1: Blue Hour, was released with a fun, pixel gaming style logo film.

Releasing October 26, the “refreshing” title track is soon to be here! MOAs were very nervous when the group started dropping their unofficial comeback countdown show, X:TIME. Since their comeback with 1st full album, The Dream Chapter: Magic, the boys of TXT gather 25 cute and interesting stories about their daily lives through the show.

At first, they were able to reveal 4 episodes before the comeback announcement and the 5th episode celebrating the trailer. With The Dream Chapter: Eternity, they included a 6th episode after the comeback was announced. Now with minisode1: Blue Hour, the show was uploaded twice a week with the announcement soon after the 5th episode.

According to a Newsen article, this album will tell the story of TXT before they move onto the next series in The Dream Chapter! Could this be the “pre-sequel” they mysteriously mentioned after The Dream Chapter: Eternity promotions were over? The mystery video that was shared took place after the events of the ‘Can’t You See Me’ MV!

So many theories! We’re so excited to see what adventures they will take us on this time! TXT are returning to the bright concept and we can’t wait!

What are your theories on the story they’ll tell us? Are you just as excited as we are? Comment your thoughts down below, or be sure to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured image source: TXT via Twitter

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