Review: Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Cosmetics Line

Selena Gomez recently launched her cosmetics line Rare Beauty which is sold exclusively at Sephora stores worldwide. The full line includes foundations, concealers, liquid blush, and more.

On the Rare Beauty website, the brand says its mission is to “help everyone celebrate their individuality by redefining what beautiful means”.

In addition, they also state they want to assist in leading a conversation about mental health in underserved communities. As we are all familiar with Selena Gomez and her activism, as well as her own struggles, this comes as no surprise to us. In every little aspect of this brand, you see a touch of who Gomez is.

Selena Gomez Wearing Rare Beauty in Ice Cream Music Video
Image Source: Selena Gomez via Twitter

There were many things that we found out about the line overtime that inspired us. One of them being that Gomez specifically designed the packaging to be more accessible. As someone who got diagnosed with Lupus, Gomez has always talked about how she struggles with the strength in her hands due to her diagnosis and wanted to come up with packaging for those just like her.

Well, she did and it worked out! Of course, being a fan of Selena Gomez and knowing that her activism played a role in developing the brand, we just had to try it out for ourselves.

The line is a reflection of Selena Gomez and who she is, as stated above. The brand is perfect for those who love the no-makeup-but-makeup look. The foundation gives you a beautiful natural glow while the other products add a lovely boost to what you already have.

However, if you’re looking for a full heavy glam line, this isn’t the line for you. All of the products are buildable and we recommend you use a brush. The pigmentation in the line is insane so a little does go a long way.

We’re also thrilled to say that the make-up does not rub off onto your face mask when you’re wearing one. Once it sits on your face, it stays. One of our writers wore the line for ten hours and barely a smudge was noticed!

The only downside is the stopper that is located in the packaging does not hold enough product back. This means that too much product comes out at once and leads to a lot of leakages. If there is a way to fix that minor packaging flaw, we hope Gomez can do it. Other than that, the line is perfect. We have to give it up for Gomez in bringing awareness and coming out with a bomb beauty line while doing so!

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Featured Image Source: Rare Beauty via Instagram

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