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Why You Should Visit Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Why You Should Visit Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

We love anime here at THP– there’s no doubt about that. We’ve experienced the heartache, the adrenaline, and the world bending powers of all kinds from anime. From adventure to romance, to even a little of the ecchi persuasion: there’s a lot left to be desired in modern anime (by that, we mean way too much fan service), but once in a while, a gem goes overlooked. Dear friends, anime enthusiasts, we introduce to you Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi.


Image via Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Wiki

The liveliest Inn you’ll ever experience, settled in the remote reaches of the hidden realm. This realm is divided into 8 regions and the capital. Each region is ruled by a Hachiyo (Hachi means 8 in Japanese). Our lovely main character, Aoi Tsubaki, loses her grandfather just before the anime begins. She and her grandfather share the ability to see ayakashi, whose natural home is the hidden realm (although, through the story, we learn some ayakashi live and birth in the apparent realm).

Aoi’s grandfather is a wild man with an even wilder spirit, considering that he put his granddaughter up as collateral for his debt to the famous Tenjin-ya Inn and Ogre King himself. What must she do, you ask? Marry, of course!

Image via Screencapture

As you can tell from this screen grab, Aoi isn’t too keen on allowing herself to frivolously marry for the sake of the debt. Instead, she is determined to pay off the debt. Aoi is very special, having a strong spiritual presence much like her grandfather, who happened to teach her how to cook for ayakashi. Not only that, but her cooking has restorative properties, thus begins the rabbit hole of Aoi’s adventures in Neverland… ahem, we mean the hidden realm.

The story is fun and wholesome. The characters are interesting and have their backstories. With anime like this, it’s easy to make a boring main character. We find that Aoi, though, has plenty of personalities and many secrets to discover still.

Love, Hate, and Why You Should Want More

The pros outweigh the cons. The story is compelling, and the art is lovely; well, at least most of the art. There are some spots where the computer-generated and hand-drawn collide in grossly unblended ways. For example, in episode 21, we have Aoi and Nene walking around a market. This isn’t the first occurrence, but during large overhead shots like below, we see that the other spirits in the shot are a bit stiff in movement and blocky compared to the rest of the animation.

Episode 21 screenshot

That has to be the most glaring issue. It doesn’t happen often, but due to that fact, the issue is even more glaring as a result. We love Kakuriyo, but this animation has to go next time, which brings us to our only other problem with the series: no season two.

We know, we know. It happens a lot in anime; there are plenty of examples of good shows that were paid dust until much much later, but we are hopeful. Keep an eye out, and keep talking and supporting the series. If enough love and hype are shown, maybe we’ll get a season 2 sooner than we think!

Image via Episode 1

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Featured Image courtesy of Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast For Spirits Episode 1

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