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Get Spooky With Twisted Allure

Get Spooky With Twisted Allure

twisted allure

Spooky season is upon us. Twisted Allure has just the thing! If you’re like us, you go all out with decorations, costumes, candy, and maybe leave them up year-round. We don’t judge! Whether it’s pure laziness or embracing your inner witch, we’re bringing spookiness where you never thought you could have it before. Bath time!

What Is Twisted Allure?

Image via Twisted Allure

The online shop for all your bath needs in screaming neon Halloween glory. Whether it’s a soak in the tub, soap to get the grime off, or luxurious products to soften the skin, Twisted Allure is the place to be. Their website is wonderfully set up in classic orange and black, with products neatly displayed in stunning HD. These two photos above and below give a good display of what all there is to offer.

Image via Twisted Allure


Presentation is everything, darlings! These products are purposeful and intensely colored with fun and dark designs. The names have a lot of thought put into them as well as the scents. Since it is the Halloween season, the drop is looking heckin’ spooky, and we’re adoring the play on various mythical (maybe not so mythical) creatures. Simplistic when it needs to be and daring where it should be. These are well packaged, and you can tell the person who made the packing is passionate and enjoying their craft.

Today we will be reviewing three products plus a bonus sample!

**The testing of these products was done over a few days, these are heavily scented**


Image via Author

Starting with this bad boy yes… it smells like heaven…. or hell? This sinfully good scrub is perfect. It’s whipped so very light and airy, doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. A little goes a LONG way with this product. Using the contents on the lid and three small finger fulls leads to an all-over cover that leaves you hot and steamy. Like Lucifer himself, you’ll be smooth and smell like sin. The perfect combination this season.

Fortune Teller

Image via Author

These fun little pieces hit the spot. Whether you put them in one by one or dump the whole lot in, your bath time will fill with wonderful scents and vibes. We’re glad we bought these but so sad to see them go. Unlike larger bath bombs, these little pieces take more to do the job, but this is the perfect way to have a little fun and test out the formula, which is THP approved here. The colors go perfectly with the theme, and we hope to snag a larger one next time.

Funeral Flowers

Image via Author

A heavenly scent that will take you on a loving stroll in the cemetery. The rose is wonderful, as the bath runs the scent fills the air. A truly calming experience, plus the water will turn a fun pinkish red. The more you use, the darker it will be. As the website says, use as little or as much as you like! We gotta say this one is most definitely The Honey POP approved. There are tons of other scents available for more fun colored bath experiences. If we’re honest, we’re loving this color. It’s like you’re in a horror movie and bathing in blood. The morbid in us is delighted.

Image via Author

The most adorably shaped tester we’ve ever seen. The skull came out perfectly so there is no debate whether it is for us or not. The bright green color grabs our attention. Last but not least, the scent? To die for. The bubbles and lather? Just right for us.

We hope you loved our run down and grab some spooky bath products for yourself. Are you getting your hands on something? What do you look for in a product? What scents make you want to howl to the full moon? We’re here to talk all about it! Reach out in the comments below, on Twitter  @thehoneypop, or Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image courtesy of Twisted Allure

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