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5 SuperM Performances You Need To Watch

5 SuperM Performances You Need To Watch

Can you believe that we are just hours away from the new SuperM album? The Avengers of KPOP will be releasing their first full-length album, Super One, at midnight EST, and from their pre-releases, we already know it’s going to be a fantastic album. In anticipation of the album release this week, SuperM dropped their next single ‘One (Monster & Infinity),’ which is a song about overcoming your hardships and going to a higher place, aka, infinity. What makes the song even more interesting is that it’s a combination of two separate songs you can find on the album: ‘Monster’ and ‘Infinity.’ 

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Fans of SuperM also got a treat of seeing a performance of the song on Ellen! The seven members captivated with their vocals and intense choreography, but it was no surprise that they delivered yet another amazing performance! The nearly year-old group has already given us some pretty unforgettable performances, and we have listed a few of our favorites that every fan (and non-fan) should check out! 

‘With You’ – One World: Together At Home

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This special performance of one of the new songs we will see on Super One was a part of Global Citizen’s live stream to raise funds during the start of the global pandemic. Each of the boys’ personalities come through in this performance, and it always puts a smile on the fans’ faces when they watch.

‘No Manners’ – We Are The Future Tour

Source: YouTube – Channel theultimatedodo

‘No Manners’ is a known fan-favorite song, and after watching this performance, it is no question as to why. Taemin, Kai, Ten, and Taeyong are all known for their dance abilities and how they captivate audiences with their duality and overwhelming stage presence. ‘No Manners’ showcases these abilities in the best way, and we suggest watching it at least four times so you can give each boy your full attention.

‘Jopping’ – Live From Capitol Records In Hollywood

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While their performances of ‘Super Car’ and ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ from their debut stage are noteworthy, nothing beats watching SuperM perform their first single ‘Jopping!’ We never get tired of watching Mark own it during his iconic rap verse, and Baekhyun’s heavenly high note; plus, hearing the fans cheering for the boys makes it even more special.

‘Tiger Inside’ – THE STAGE

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You should definitely watch all of SuperM’s performance videos from THE STAGE, especially this performance of their pre-release single, ‘Tiger Inside.’ Taken in one take, ‘Tiger Inside’ has quickly become a fan-favorite! From the outfits to the choreography and the growl, any time SuperM performs ‘Tiger Inside,’ we are reminded of how talented this super-group is, and we can’t stop watching. 

‘100’ – Good Morning America

Source: YouTube

This legendary performance on Good Morning America marked the beginning of a new era for SuperM. ‘100’ is a song with high energy, and the AR technology used for this performance makes it all that more eye-catching! It’s a stage that hits hard and shows that this group does not play around; they are here to make their mark. 

Bonus Performance: ‘Bass Go Boom’ – We Are The Future Tour

Source: YouTube – Channel theultimatedodo

Can we please have a studio version of this song soon? Lucas’ solo song that he performed on the We Are The Future Tour is absolutely iconic, and we love seeing him own the stage and letting his talent shine! 

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